How To Send Java Program From Java Phone.



Here I’ll post a simple step on how to send a java app or game from your java phone.
As you know java phone is not design with a feature that enables its user to share its app or games to others through blue-tooth. And most people are complaining of the missing feature. I’ve seen several question/post on this particular issue, and I also receive mails which contain questions on this same problem since when I lunch my Sendjar site. With the help of that site most people find it very simple to send their java files, but some also didn’t understand the procedure well. That’s why I decided to make it clear here with not much words.
1. First before you can start sending your java files you must have to get File Explore.
2. After you install the FileXplore then you Now goto any site you know that offer apps/games in Zip File Format, e.g Sendjar, Xchanger. I prefer you use the Sendjar site, Because I do update it always. And also there is an option for Request File. You can send your Request for any file you want, or send the file link address for it to be converted for you. And all the actions takes not more than 24hours.
3. After getting the files in order, the last step is how to send them… open the Explorer there you see two options E and C. E-means memory card, and C-means phone memory. Then choose the drive you save the files inside. Open it and locate the folder, open the folder then goto the file you want to send>press option, there you’ll see menus, scroll to send menu and click on it. Accept all the permissions.
after you search for the device click the right soft key which opens two options, click send with renaming. It will now open the file name for you to edit it, all you’ll have to do now is to edit the file extension. From .zip to .jar, or if its in _jar you then edit it to .jar and click send. That’s all it will appear there as an application….. Its very simple just visit Sendjar I’ve uploaded many files their and they are all in .zip format. You can also Request for a file.

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