Blackmail of the holy prophet
The truth of the matter
Allah the almighty says in his holy
book (And thus We have made for
every prophet an enemy – devils
from mankind and jinn, inspiring to
one another decorative speech in
delusion. But if your Lord had
willed, they would not have done it,
so leave them and that which they
invent.) surah-al’an’am 112 and he
also says (And thus have We made
for every prophet an enemy from
among the criminals. But sufficient
is your Lord as a guide and a
helper.) surah-al-furqan 31. In
another chapter (Similarly, there
came not to those before them any
messenger except that they said,
“A magician or a madman.”) surah-
al-dhariyar 52. Who so ever reads,
understands; act on the teachings
of the holy Quran and understand
the history of Allah’s Prophets,
from prophet Adam (A.s) to the
holy prophet Muhammad (Peace of
Allah be upon them), such person
will be not be surprise from this
unfortunate act of blackmail done
by the enemies of Allah and His
Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW,
because Allah has already inform
us we Muslim that this is an
historical act by the non believers
from the period of the first prophet
to the last of all the prophet ie
Muhammad SAW
My own surprise is the Muslim that
will be surprised from this
unfortunate act of blackmail, is just
like they did not reads and
understand the holy Quran or they
did not listen from those that reads.
Allah has already said this act of
blackmail will continue happening,
and is there any one that says the
truth more than him, Allah? NO! He
is the almighty and Superior. The
history of the holy prophet
Muhammad SAW has reveal to
Muslims how the unbelievers and
enemies of Islam from the earlier
period, keep on blackmailing him,
they even said to him “A Mad
Man”; “Musician”; “Ritualist” and
“Magician” just like how many
verses on the Holy Quran reveals
all this to Muslim. After this, the
Jews and their counterpart
(orientalist) continue to do the
same act of blackmailing the
Prophet SAW and the entire
Muslim world (Ummah) on their
writings, books and other literal
works. Perhaps, who so ever
knows and understand this type of
their distraction, will not forget to
remember some enemies of the
Holy Prophet SAW, people like:
Henri Lammens (1862 – 1937) a
Bulgarian writer; Carl Brockelmann
(1868 – 1953), German Man;
Rymond Charles a French Man;
and Gustavo Edmund Von
Grumbum (1909 – 1972) an
Australian citizen, down to the
period of a useless British Citizen,
but Indian Man Salman Rushdie.
All of this listed people and many
others like them wrote so many
books of different type, full of
blackmail and other forms of
abuses to the holy prophet
Muhammad SAW. Therefore, there
will be no any surprises, just
because they decided to change
style and format by using the
modern forms of communication
technology, and by using the
entertainment media of Audio
visual to broadcast their evil
intention and bad wishes to the
entire world.
About the movie “The Innocence of
Muslims” .
In respect to the evil film of
blackmail realized from the United
State, the idea behind the
production and released of movie
was deliberate attempt the
blackmail the entire Muslim
Ummah, which they decided to
make it secretly, but who so ever
understand and analyze the kind of
people featured on the film, and
the production crew, down to the
style of it broadcast and publicity,
will certainly conclude that they
have a hidden agenda that they
want to achieve. The useless and
evil people that produce the film
include Moris Sadiq a ridiculous
Christian from Egypt and a native
of Qibd tribal group, which are
minority in Egypt.
The same person who was
convicted by a court in Egypt, in
which the court decided to
denounce his citizenship and expel
him from the country, because of
the level of crimes he committed in
the country. He is the one who
constantly call for the division of
the country into two, between
Muslim and the minority Christian
group of Qibdawa. And he also
called on Israel to come and fight
the majority Muslim of Egypt and
salvage the minority Christian of
Qibdawa group.
Along with him is a pastor from
Florida of the United State, Jerry
Jonse, who in 2010 make an
attempt of burning some copies of
the holy Quran in his church, this
same Egyptian person advertise
the film before the film is presented
to the public through the cinema,
after this the person who sponsor
the production of this movie and
serves as a director is Sam Bacile,
a Jewish American. He said, they
have spent 5 million Dollars which
he got from 100 Jewish people,
just for the production of this evil
The hidden agenda that this group
of people wants to achieved is to a
create an atmosphere of rancor,
disunity and religions unrest in
especially Egypt, since the country
is now recovering from the
editorship type of leadership that it
suffered from for a very long period
of time, under the leadership of the
western countries agent. An
election has been hold in Egypt
and the people of Egypt voted
massively for people in which the
western countries regard as
Islamic Extremist, that is why they
are looking for a way to
disorganized the country and make
ungovernable to the people in
power, and make people to start
killing, protest and destruction of
life and properties. They use the
minority Qibdawa Christian of
Egypt who are in United State in
the entire production and style of
this evil Film and the translate the
English the used in the film to
Egyptian Arabic, you see, if the
Muslim Ummah of Egypt watch the
evil film, they will be frustrated and
start attacking the Minority
Christian of Qibdawa with killing
and burning properties.
From there, then the Military men
that are accuses of supporting the
former dictatorship government to
come and through away the
elected government of Egypt and
arrest the Islamic Scholars there,
just in the name of bringing peace
and harmony in the country, with
this the will achieved their evil and
selfish aim.
But, Allah show them his power
and people of Egypt understand
this evil agenda, even the Christian
has Already come out boldly and
condemn this film, and they
participate in the street protest from
the beginning, just to show their
anger on this evil movie, about 120
groups of Christian living in the
United State and Britain have
made the stand on the movie, in
which they condemn the film and
those people that produce it. This
has contributed a lot in controlling
the spread of violence especially in
Egypt and has stopped the evil
hidden agenda of the people that
produce the film.
What we should do
There is no doubt that the great
enemies of Islam in the world has
understand the holiness of our
beloved prophet Muhammad SAW
in the mind of all Muslims around
the world, since the time when an
evil man Salman Rushdie wrote
some evil verses, the understand
how Muslim shows their anger and
concern. That is why the concluded
that whenever the wish to create
dispute among the Muslim in the
world, the only way is to insult and
abuses the holy prophet SAW, just
like what they did now.
The feel happy whenever the
realizes that Muslim are worried
and start killing, burning and
destruction of life and properties, in
their own countries, not in the
countries of people that project the
act, just because of their evil
actions on the Muslim. And the
make Muslims to engage their
fellow citizens (nonbelievers) in
their respective countries, who are
innocent on that evil acts, the Jews
and the people of the western
world do not care if any human
soul is killed anywhere, as long as
the will achieve their evil wishes,
just how the united state killed it
ambassador in Pakistan just to
achieve their evil aim of killing
Dhiya’ul Haq, The president of
Pakistan who the united state
accuses of supporting the Muslim
Martyrs (Mujahidin) in Afghanistan
in 1988, for this, what we should do
1. We should have a strong believe
in the fact that Allah SWA was the
one that send his Noble Prophet
with guidance and with the true
religion of Islam for the religion to
supersede any religion that the non
believers might not want. Just like
how He Allah promises in the
Quran Surah Tauba verse 33; Fathi
verse 28; and Saf verse 9, and the
holy prophet also says “”
2. We should dedicate our self in
emulating the exemplary life,
teachings, mercies, actions and
forgiveness of the noble prophet
saw, this will increase the level of
anger and hatred among those that
always work in dividing the Muslim,
and creating doubt in the Muslim
3. Working very hard in promoting
the history and life/teachings of the
Holy Prophet with good habits and
actions. so that those people that
have ignorance about him the holy
Prophet SAW, to understand who
is He, those that did this deliberate
attempt to insult him, do it just for
the people that has ignorance of
the holly prophet, do avoid him and
go against his path of mercies and
light to the whole mankind.
4. We should teach our children
and People the history of life of the
holy prophet SAW and his noble
companion, to enable them grow it
their respect and value in Islam, for
that will protect them from any
attempt from the evil enemies of
Islam to mislead them through their
vision and to have their hatred
inside their mind.

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    well try. Who is this dr pls

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    abubakar nasir yauri

    Alhamdulillah geting someone like Dr. In muslim ummah is a great bless in the society because i really went deep in thinking of why this people spend their money and perform this kind of work? 1stly i just said its nothing but great hatredness, but by reading Dr.s article i understood that there is a hidden agender and they have a goal they want achieve,so my fellow muslim lets create an obstacle that will forbid them from achieving this evil goal. May God protect, unite the muslim ummah all over the world, Dr. Uhibbuka fillah.

  3. Musa Abdulkadir Imam Avatar
    Musa Abdulkadir Imam

    We thank Allahu sw for sending to us the best of his massingers with the best and the best religion. We also thank Him for raising among us these type of ulama’a Alhamdulillah.

  4. I thank Allah (s w t) for send us the best prophet and the best religion.

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    Buhari Ahmad Sokoto

    Alhamdulillah, thank you for this great work, we are really proud of you, i pray Allah (S.W.A) to reward you with jannah and support you in this jihad. Ameen

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    May Allah continue to save the muslim ummah from the evil of the evil people, and may Allah reward Dr. sani umar for his effort

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