By: Sheikh Bin Uthman kano

Salaamun ‘alaykum wa rahmatul Laahi wa barakaatuhu.

Please take note of the following:

1 – Purify your intention on everything you do, for every action or utterance without gearing such towards realising the pleasure of Allah is fruitless. Therefore we all need ikhlaas.
2 – Muhammad (SAW) is our role model, no one else. Therefore, be consciously “sunnatic” and not mindlessly “bid’atic”.
3 – Parents must be obeyed, revered, respected and well taken care of, regardless of their belief so long as it is within the Sharii’ah compliant principles.
4 -Your wife is “your friend by your side”. So, treat her with loving care,understanding, tolerance and affectionate humanity. Remember, she is your protective wall against cesspool of immorality. The same things as well, apply to wife as regards her husband.
5 – Avoid unnecessary harsh tendencies towards your children to save them- in shaa Allah- against avoidable psycho-emotional instability.
6 – It is haram to collect ANY pay for a work not done!!
7 – A worker- all categories of work- that goes to his working place later than the contractually agreed time and leaves before such a time IS DISHONEST, consequently and subsequently, his earnings are questionable to a point of being illegitimate save with a genuine reason according to Sharii’ah.