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The inaugural speech of Abubakar
Siddiq (RA) as one of most just
and responsible leaders in the
history of humanity. He said to his
followers and masses after being
appointment as a leader:
“I have been given the authority
and I am not the best of you. If I do
well, help me; and if I do wrong, set
me right. Loyalty is to tell the truth
to your leader; treason is to hide it.
The weak among you will be
powerful in my eyes until I secure
his right, if Allah so wills. The
strong among you shall be weak in
my eyes until I get the right from
him. If people do not follow the way
of Allah (Almighty God), He will
definitely disgrace them. Obey me
as long as I obey Allah (Almighty
God) and His Prophet, and if I
disobey them, you owe me no
My dear brothers and sister on
Facebook, kindly analyse this
Abubakar’s speech with our Evil
leaders and their lieutenants.
These lieutenants and sycophants,
they do not only remain silent on
the evil deeds of their leaders, but
they as well encourage them to
continue partaking and promoting
evil actions and corrupt practices.
In addition, they defend the action
of their bosses even where they
are undefendable and criminals.
We need to adopt this speech
even in dealing with the members
of our families. May Allah
rehabilitate our so-called leaders
and guide them to adopt this
Abubakar’s model in words and
May Allah save our fatherland from
sinking in the ocean of disaster
and corruption,…


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