Assalaamu Alaikum, this is an inportant info I have for the muslim ummah.. While browsing the Net I came across a post made by the famous islamic scholar Dr Ahmad mahmud Gumi A Son to the Late Abubakar Gumi. Which is very intresting, and I really appreciate there effort because they do it at the right time when the muslim ummah need an association like this… May Allah Reward Sheikh and His supporters on this Great work. Check-out His Post Below.
Nigerian Muslim Shurah Assembly
To all Nigerian Muslims of different
extractions and inclinations,
Assalamu Alaikum Wa
Rahamatullahi Taala Wa
Allah –subhanahu Wa taala- has
enjoined us to work together in
righteousness. Allah said: “help ye
one another in righteousness and
piety, but help ye not one another
in sin and rancor: fear Allah, for
Allah is strict in punishment.”
Despite the fact that there are
numerous Islamic organizations
that are doing great works in
educating Muslims and non-
Muslims about Islam, yet the
principle of Shurah and mutual
consultation on mundane issues
between the Muslims at individual
and communal level has remained
Owing to this fact, and the recent
trend of this modern times we live
in, whenever people remained
unconnected and abased, their
rights are easily sacrilege,
sacrificed and abused. It thus
became necessary that Muslims
interconnect directly using the
modern means of communications
and maximize the use of the
religious institution of the mosque
as a platform so as to consult each
other over their fairs and contribute
individually to foster their mutual
The problems of good leadership
or rather the lack of has been
perennial to the Muslim World time
immemorial since the basic
prerequisite of Shurah was
sidetracked generations after
generation. As a result Muslims fell
into vicious circles of tyranny,
suppression and sometimes naked
anarchy. This pathetic situation has
greatly contributed to the
retrogression and ultimate downfall
of the Ummah.
Nigerian Muslims are not an
exception. The lack of cohesive
and truly representative leadership
has led to forfeiture of many rights
that would have otherwise been
prerogative to the Ummah. There is
great under representation in all
facets of human endeavor,
educationally, politically,
economically, militarily and
socially. Human right abuses,
killings, torture, or even genocide
has been committed against
Muslims without any effective voice
raised to seek redress.
In an effort to address these
issues, many Muslims groups and
individuals having proposing
solutions and ways out of this
quagmire. After various
discussions and deliberations from
different groups and personalities,
the creation of Nigerian Muslim
Shurah Council from members
elected meticulously from the
unitary level i.e. the five daily
prayer mosques across the country
came up as necessity, seemingly
being the most effective and
realistic approach to the issue of
leadership. Such a council could
only be the true representation of
the Muslims as it concurs well with
the Quranic and Sunnah
requirements of referring back to
people to run their affairs. Allah
said in Surat ash-Shura:
38. Those who hearken to their
Lord, and establish regular prayer;
who (conduct) their affairs by
mutual Consultation; who spend
out of what we bestow on them for
ﻓﻤﻦ ﺑﺎﻳﻊ ﺭﺟﻼ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻣﺸﻮﺭﺓ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ
ﻓﻼ ﻳﺘﺎﺑﻊ ﻫﻮ ، ﻭﻻ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺑﺎﻳﻌﻪ ﺗﻐﺮﺓ ﺃﻥ ﻳﻘﺘﻼ
)ﺻﺤﻴﺢ ﺍﻟﺒﺨﺎﺭﻱ ـ 211 /8
Omar the second Caliph (May
Allah be pleased with him)
captured the essence of the divine
command when he said: “who so
ever will appoint a man without due
consultations with the Muslims
should not be obliged nor the man
appointed, on caution the two may
be killed” Al-Bukhari.
Nevertheless there are a lot of
traditional Muslim institutions and
organizations, only that, the
ordinary Muslim on the street is not
represented and his voice is not
heard through them. This is the
part the NMSA sets out to address.
The ordinary Muslims should have
a part in decision making and
nation building by contributing his
say and dues. NMSA is one
hundred percent made of elected
members spread wide across the
nation. It appoints its leaders
through the ballot.
Without any complicity, the mosque
being the rallying point of Muslims,
an institution established early in
Islam, can be interconnected using
the tools of modern
communications. Once this is
achieved, the common Muslims will
be directly in contact with each
other and therefore, are apt to
control their own destiny as ordain
by Allah. It is critical also that the
mosque should be the field that
leaders are chosen and elected as
any person ashamed to me
associated with a mosque does not
merit to represent the Muslims, as
the case may be now in many
Let us remember…
• That in any strong society (c.f.
China, USA, Russia etc.) it a few of
the intelligent and educated
individuals that stir its ship. It only
takes courage, dedication and
• That any individual that is not
ready to contribute in nation
building would be dreaming if he/
she thinks others will do it for them.
If you see bad roads, bad schools,
bad hospitals and high crimes, it is
because every individual is waiting
for others to do it. That
misconception has to STOP. Every
individual must contribute
financially and physically as the
case may require in building a
strong nation.
• People that are unconnected are
liable to be manipulated and
exploited; it would therefore be an
abomination on us if we chose to
be divided and not connected in
this era of inter connectivity.
• People only respect leaders that
are duly elected by them in a free
and fair electoral process. The
imposition, nomination or
appointment of leaders by few is
the cause of our demise and
underdevelopment since such
leaders do
If we are able to come together on
these four building blocks i.e.
courage, interconnectivity,
individual contribution and elective
representations no force on earth
can prevent us from achieving our
This process is voluntary, non-
governmental, non-sectarian, non-
ethnic non regional and non-
partisan. It is intended to expand
all over the national to form the
biggest coalition of willing Muslims
ready to directly handle their affairs
and chart the course of their
destiny as decreed by Allah.
If you are supportive of this project,
it is simple, just send SMS text
message to +2348168361885
indicating your name, state, LGA,
Town and Jumu’at Mosque.
Example: Salisu Sani, Kaduna,
Kaduna South, T/Wada, Masallacin
(Pls write it exactly as the example
and don’t send twice)
May Allah Be our Guide and

Takaitattun Tarihin zantukan Sufayen Farko

Shin wai masu ikrarin sufanci a zamaninmu na yanzu shin sufayen ne da gaske ko kuma ‘yan cuwa cuwa ne? Ya dace ‘yan uwa mu fahimci abinda mukeyi kada mudinga ruduwa da shirme mu daukeshi a matsayin addini. Addini na littafin Allah addini na hadisan manzon Allah(s.a.w). Zan hakaito mana wasu daga cikin kalamai na sufaye na farko domin mu gwada wannan kalamai da kuma halin da wasu masu karyar sufanci suke ciki.
Shin da farko a takaice meye sufanci da ginu akai? Ta ginu ne kan gudun duniya, da bautar Allah. sufi yakan kaurace wa jama’a ya koma kan dutse yayi zamansa yayi ta bautar Allah. Haka abin ya fara yana tafiya. Kafin tafiyar tazo ta samu matsalar da ‘yan bid’ah suka ruda ta. Duk da dai ita sufancin bata da asali a addini, kuma malamai sunyi bayani akai. Amma zan rubuto kalaman ne saboda mabiya sugane ainihin sufanci na da din.
Da Farko ga bayanin Da junaid yayi, wanda in ana magananan sufanci ne dole a sanya su aciki. Domin su kusoshi ne.
قال جنيد رحمه الله: طريقتنا هاذا مقيد بالكتاب والسنة. من لم يحفظ الكتاب ولم يحفظ الحديث فلا يقربن طريقتنا.
Sannan Ga kuma abinda Sahl al tustari yake cewa:
أصول طريقتنا خمسة.
1.التزام بالكتاب والسنة.
2.الإقتداء بنبي الأمة.
3.أكل الحلال.
4.العفو عن من ظلمك.
5.لزوم التوبة.
Yace: asalin hanyar mu Guda biyar ne:
1.ka lazumci littafin Allah da sunnar annabi(s.a.w).
Toh dun Allah yanzu ina masu kiran kansu sufaye ina sunnar annabi? Sai dai abaki. Abinda ake nufi da lazumta shine: ya zama koda yaushe kana mai aikatashi, da zarar kaji ance annabi yace kaza, ko yayi kaza, kaima ka aikata shi. Ance annabi na son aswaki, kaima kaso aswaki, ance annabi na barin gemu, kaima bar gemu, ance annabi na sallan dare, kaima tashi kayi, ance annabi na azumin litini da alhamis,kaima daure kayi. Ance annabi baya barin tufafinsa yaja kasa, kaima dage naka, irin wa’innan su ake kira sunnah, da zarar ankawo maka hadisi inagatacce, ta dace da son zuciyarka bata dace ba karbeta. Amma
rawa, kida da fada a baki, ba ita ke nuna bin sunnar annabi ba. Wani malami yake cewa:
ومن محبته صلى الله عليه وسلم. انتصار سنته.
Yace yana daga cikin son manzon Allah(s.a.w) taimakon sunnarsa… Ina masu kururuwan son annabi? Ba yiwa annabi waka da rawa shi ke nuna son annabi ba. A’a, ka taimaki sunnarsa, ka yada addinin da yazo dashi. Ka bi duk abinda yace ka kaurace wa abinda yayi hani akai….wannan itace hakikanin son annabi, amma bawai fada da baki ba. biyu yace, yin koyi da Annabi(s.a.w)..
Ya zamto duk abinda zakayi kana koyi da annabi ne. Kafin ka zama sufi na gaskiya sai ya zamto duk abinda zakayi kana koyi ne da annabi(s.a.w) ba zaka kirkiri wata kalar ibadah dabam ba irin ta annabi ba, ba zakayi sallah ba irin ta annabi ba. Ba zakayi zikiri ba irin ta annabi ba. uku yace: cin halal. Duk wani sufi na gaskiya zakaga ya toge kan cin halal. Babu ruwanshi da haram..
4.asali na hudu yace, yafiya ga wanda ya zalunce ka.. Duk sufi na gaske babu ruwanshi da hayaniya, duk abinda aka mishi yafewa yakeyi. Ba zai zalunceka ba, kuma inka zalunce shi sai ya yafe.
5. Sai na biyar yace: lazumtar tuba.. Duk sufi zaka sameshi a kullum mai lazumtar tuba ne… Mai kankan da kai zuwa ga Allah…
Wa’innan sune kalaman sahl al tusturi. Dun Allah ‘yan’uwa ku kula da irin wannan zantuka na hamshakan malaman sufanci na gaske… Idan aka dauki wa’innan ka’idoji aka sanya akan masu ikrarin sufanci na yanzu za’a samu sufi ko guda daya? Ko daya babu. Sannan meyasa basu fitar da irin wannan kalaman suna tallata wa mabiyansu? Dun Allah ga aiki na baiwa duk wani dan’uwa mabiyin darikah..
1. Ya dauki wannan ka’idojin wanda kusoshin sufanci suka fada, ya daurashi kan shehinsa, ko malaminsa, yaga inba shehinsa ko malaminsa na kan ramin halaka ba, yanzu dun Allah suwaye masu fada da kitaab wa sunnah? ‘yan dariku, gashi kuma sahl ya fara kawo cewa darikarsu tana rataye ne da kitaab wa sunnah.
2. Na biyu.. Meyasa ba’a bude majalisi na littafai wanda sufayen zamani suka rubuta? Irin littafin jawaahiru ma’ani, Meyasa? Shin sun qunshi gaskiya kuwa? Su duba duk wani malamin sunnah in ya buga littafi ana bude majalisi a karanta abinda ya rubuta.. Amma ku tambayi kanku meyasa ba’a karanta naku?….
Daga karshe duk maison gane hakikanin tasawwufanci, to ya binciki wallafe wallafen wa’innan bayin Allah. Irinsu sahl al tusturi, ibrahim ibn adham, irinsu junaid. Da abdulkadir jailani. Domin shima abdulkadir jailani ahlussunnah ne. Duk masu maqalewa dashi a tafarkin darika karya sukeyi… ‘yan’uwa matasa mabiya darikah. Wallahi inkunason gaskiya ku binciki littafan wa’innan maluman da kuma tarihinsu, wa’inda sune jagorori a harkar sufanci,kusha mamaki. Wallahi sai kun gudu kunbar wannan shirme da kukeyi da sunan addini… Zaku tabbatar an rudeku.. Mu mun karanci sufancin zamani da aqeedunsu, sai muka gujesu. Kaima dan’uwa ka karanci aqeedar ahlussunnah mana a rubuce muga ko. zaka kisu? Kadaina amfani da malam wane yace, ko wane ya aikata kaza. A’a karanta a rubuce ka fahimta, wannan itace hakikanin gaskiya.ina aka samu wai malami ya zauna a gida bayi da aikin komai wai sai roka wa mutane Allah. Shin wannan abu na da asali a addini? Malam baka fita jihadi, baka fita wa’azi, kai kenan kullum ka tsubbace kanka wuri daya? Shin haka annabi ya rayu ta wannan hanya? Ina aka samu raba wa mutane darika? Shin akwai wani nassi da ya tabbatar da haka? Ina aka samu kirkirar bid’ah da sunan mai kyau? Yaa dace jama’ah ayi lura, yanzu lokaci ya wuce da za’ayi ta mana nuku nuku. Komai ya fito fili mun gane. Maison gaskiya yaci gaba da bincike Allah zai nuna masa.. Jama’a ayi hakuri in na tsawaita…. Allah yasa mugane, Allah ka shiryar damu Hanya madaidaiciya. Wanda kuma ranshi ya baci da zantuka na, yayi hakuri. Ni inayi ne saboda kauna da nakeyi wa ‘yan’uwa wanda suka kauce wa hanya. Wassalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Alaka Tsakanin Sufanci Da Shi'anci!

Wai meyasa ‘yan dariku suka fi alaka da ‘yan shi’ah? Hakika A aqeedance shi’ah da darika akwai alaka tsakaaninsu.. Toh amma bari muyi dan wata tsokaci, saboda ‘yan’uwa wanda guguwar bid’ah ta debesu su fahimta… A kullum ‘yan dariku sunfi nuna zafinsu akan qiyayyah ga ahlussunnah saboda sunace ahlussunnah suna zagin waliyyansu, ainihin abinda ya janyo gaba mai tsanani kenan tsakanin ahlussunnah da ‘yan darikah. Sannan suna sake fakewa da cewa ahlussunnah suna zagin iyayen annabi, sannan kuma suna rage wa annabi daraja. Toh amma kuma abin mamaki yanda yasa muka gano ashe duk karya sukeyi, su duk babatunsu bawai don ahlussunnah suna rage wa annabi darajah bane, da kuma suna ce iyayen annabi suna wuta.. Shine shigowar mabiya addinin shi’ah.. an tuhume ahlussunnah da zagin waliyyai irinsu shehu tidjani, da su nyass!!!! Aka kashe wassu daga cikin mabiya sunnah saboda wannan abu,. Toh amma shigowar mabiya addinin shi’ah sai suka kafirta waliyyai na ainihi masu register a qur’ani da hadisi, irinsu abubakar da umar da uthman. Da dai sauransu. Suka kuma sake kafirta iyayen annabi(s.a.w)… Toh abin mamaki duk da haka suka samu karbuwa a gurin ‘yan darika. Saboda basu zagin waliyyan boge irinsu tidjani, da nyass… Kaga anan ya bayyana a hakikanin gaskiya ‘yan darika ba suna fada da ahlussunah ne saboda annabi da iyalansa ba. A’a suna fada ne dun ahlussunnah sun taba waliyyan bogi irinsu nyass da tidjani… Domin inda suna fada da ahlussunnah saboda iyayen annabi da sunyi fada da ‘yan addinin shi’ah, saboda ‘yan addinin shi’ah suna da rubutacciyah acikin littafinsu cewa iyayen annabi suna wuta.. Ku duba cikin littafin ‘Mulla muhammad baqir’ wanda akafi sani da allama majlisi.. Littafi mai suna ‘Biharul-anwaar’ wanda wannan littafi tana daga cikin manyan littafin mabiya addinin shi’ah… Kaman yanda in akayi maganar littafin musulmai za’a kawo sahih na bukhari da muslim.
Acikin wanna littafi sukace annabi yace:
CIKIN.KWAZAZZABUN JAHANNAMA” Toh kunji fa… Ina ‘yan darika masu babatu cewa ahlussunnah suna zagin iyayen annabi? A wani littafin ahlussunnah ne kukaga ya zagi iyayen annabi? Wato a hakikanin gaskiya an ribaci jahilcin mabiya ne aka cusa musu irin wannan aqeedar. Domin da yawa zakaji mabiya suna ce ahlussunnah suna zagin iyayen annabi, amma inka tambayesu a’ina suka gani bazasu iya bada bayaani ba… Wannan zargine wanda bata da tushe… Saboda haka mukeso mabiya a zurfafa bincike domin kada ku kama gaaba da wasu gabar da kuma baku da dalilin yinta…. Sannan shin kunyarda da ‘yan shi’ah, duk da suna zagin sahabbai? Amma kunki ‘yan sunnah saboda suna zagin nyass da tijjani? Toh anan su tijjani da nyass sunfi sahabbai ne? Haba ‘yan darika ku kula kuyi nazari kada a cusaku cikin shirme da rudu… Allah yasa mudace, Allah ka nuna mana gaskiya ka bamu daman binta, ka nuna mana karya ka bamu daman kauce mata… Yaa Allah ka shiryar damu tafarki madaidaiciya. Wa’innan ‘yan’uwa namu ka shiryar dasu da mu baki daya… Wassalaam…

Rarrabuwar Musulmai

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,
Wai shin meyasa hadisinmu daya,qur’aninmu daya, manzonmu daya, kalmar shiga addininmu daya. Amma duk da haka muka rarrabu? Shin ayoyin Qur’ani wata tana warware wata ne? Shin nassin hadisan manzon Allah wata tana warware wata ne? Toh meye matsalar da muka rarraba? Da farko, rarrabuwarmu tana tabbatar da manzoncin manzon Allah ne, domin shi ya bada bayanin hakan zai faru. Daga cikin rarrabuwa da al’ummar musulmai sukayi akwai wanda su sun riga sun fice daga addinin musulunci. Akwai wanda kuma sunanan a fake. Basunan basu can, daga cikin wa’inda suka fice daga addinin musulunci misali akwai mu’utazila, kadariyyah, ahmadiyyah, qur’aniyyun, khawaarij. Wa’innan duk malamai sun riga sun tabbatar da cewa sun fice daga da’irar musulunci. Saboda aqeedunsu sun tsabawa wa ainihin ta musulunci. har iyau daga cikinsu akwai rafidawa ‘yan shi’ah musamman ‘yan ithna ashariyyah. Daga cikin aqeedunsu akwai zagin sahabban manzon Allah(s.a.w) wanda wannan yaci karo da koyarwar addinin musulunci.kuma wannan kawai y isa ya fitar da mutum daga musulunci. Sannan kuma suna halatta zina ta hanyar halatta auren mutu’ah. Su gefen wa’inda su basunan basu can, akwai mabiya tafarkin sufaye. Wanda sun kasu kashi wurin 333. Banda wa’inda suka flito baya bayannan. Toh su duka wa’innan mabiya darikun sufayen zaka samu masu darikun ma’ana wa’inda suka kago darikun suna ikrarin su jikokin annabi ne. Kuma suna itikadin zasu ceci mabiyansu ranan tashin qiyaama. Toh abinda yasa mabiya tafarkin sufanci ake musu uzuri saboda da yawa daga cikinsu sun amince da hadisan annabi. Toh meyasa ake samun tsabani tsakanin mabiya sufanci da ahlissunnah? Domin su mabiya sufanci suna daga cikin ‘yan bid’ah. Wanda suke amincewa da cewa akwai bid’ah kyakkyawa. Sannan kuma matsala ta biyu basu bibiyar hadisan manzon Allah(s.a.w) domin gano ingancinsu. Sannan kuma basu bata fassarar da magabata suka bata. Haka kuma ayar al’qur’ani zasu fassarata amma inka tambayesu shin waya gabaceku wurin irin wa’innan fassara da kukayi wa wannan ayah? Bazasu iya kawowa ba. Su kuma mabiya tafarkin sunnah abinada ya bambantasu da duk mabiya wata tafarki ba sunnah ba shine, su bazasu fassara wata ayah ba har sai suna da magabaci cikin magabata na kwarai wanda shima ya baiwa ayar irin wannan fassara, haka kuma hadisi bazasu fara amfani da’ita ba har sai sun tabbatar da ingancinsa, sannan kuma bazasu bata wata ma’ana ba da ta tsabawa fassarar magabata ba. Toh gashi musulmai sun rarrabu kaman yanda annabi ya bada labari zasu rabu, kuma kowa yana ikrarin cewa shine ke kan daidai. Toh shin hanyar zuwa wurin Allah guda nawa ne? Hanya dyace tak. Wacce? Tafarkin annabi. Allah kuma yayi umarni da muyi riko da igiyarsa. Shin meyasa bazamuyi ba? Wasu daga cikin musulmai zakaji suna kafa hujjah da mafarki, wani kawai in yace yayi mafarki yaga annabi yace masa kazaa, toh shikenan wannan ta zama hujjah awurinsu. Kaman sufaye. Wasu kuma zakaji suna kafa hujjah ne da maganar imami, imami wane yace. Kaman mabiya addinin shi’ah. Sannan wasu kuma zakaji suna kafa hujjah da fadin imamai masu mazhabobi, ko kuma fadin wani malami. Wannan har a ko’ina ana samunsu, harma acikin ahlussunnah. Wasu zakaga suna kafa hujjah ne da Qur’ani da hadisi,duk kuma wata hukunci suna nema mata mafaka ne a karkashin wannan iniwowi guda biyu. Wa’innan sune tatattun ahlussunnah. Kuma zaka samu duk abinda sukeyi suna da hujjan yinsa. Basu kirkiran wani abu su saka a addini su kirata bid’ah mai kyau. Sannan basu makalkale wa bayaanan fukaha’u inhar sun samu hadisi da ya rushe wannan magana. Toh meyasa dan’uwa bazaka zama daga cikin wai’nnan tawaga ba? Ma’ana mabiya sunnar annabi? Shin shi shehi da kake bi. Waya tabbatar maka shi ya tsira? Kuma shin wa ya tabbatar maka cewa zaiyi ceto? Sannan waya tabbatar maka cewa inzaiyi ceto zai ceceka? wannan abubuwane da ya kamata ‘yan’uwa su lura dashi sosai. Kada kawai wani ya rudaku. Addinin musulunci abace mai sauki, kuma a bayyane take, babu wani boye boye cikinta. saboda haka ‘yan’uwa ku zama wayayyu acikin addini kada ku zama gidadawa. Allah yasa mudace, Allah ka nuna mana gakiya ka bamu daman binta ka nuna mana karya ka bamu daman kaurace mata. Allah ka ruguje kafurci da kafurai, ka daukaka musulunci da musulmai. Wa’innan wa’inda sukayi fim don batanci wa annabinmu Allah ka nuna musu ayah.

Posted By Nibras Muhammad