As we spiritually and physically
prepare for “TASUU’A” &
and coming Saturday equivalent to
23rd and 23th of 11/2012 CE
respectively, we need to remind
ourselves that our du’ah is
definately accepted during our Iftar
(breaking our fast). Because our
beloved Prophet (SAW) says:
Three supplications are definately
answered without doubt, and
among them, he mentioned the
supplication of a Muslim who
fasts… (Muslim reported it).
I believe we all have a catalogue of
challenges, issues and problems.
Kindly prepare them and humbly
present them to your Creator-Allah.
And don’t leave oppressed and
weak Muslims of Palestine, Nigeria
and Syria in your du’ah please.
Sheikh Ahmad Ababtân, professor
at al-Imâm University stated that, a
Muslim should be patient and show
constancy in offering supplications
to Allah and Allah alone. He should
never become impatient for an
answer, as it is guaranteed by
Allah, and no doubt about it.
However, the response from Allah
may come in one of three ways:
1. Allah may immediately answer
your request or postpone it for
some time as a trial for the
2. Allah may save the questioner
from something bad that is
equivalent in importance to what
has been asked for.
3. Allah may postpone the
response to the du’ah and so that it
will be a reward for the questioner
in the Hereafter.
If any worshipper does what he is
requested to do by supplicating to
Allah alone for his problems and by
submitting all of his affairs to Allah,
then he is aspiring to the utmost
degree of Imani.
For your du’ah to be answered by
Allah, you should observe the
following my dear brothers and
1. Put your trust in Allah.
2. Be firm in expecting a response.
3. Increase asking for forgiveness.
4. Be sincere in supplication and
worshipping and follow the
example of our Prophet (peace be
upon him).
5. Avoid unlawful food, drink, and
6. Always take care to offer your
du’ah with an attentive heart. Never
allow your mind to wander.
7. Take care to offer du’ah at the
times when prayers are most likely
to be answered, like during the Iftar
of your fasting tomorrow in SHA
CONCLUSIONS: kindly remind
your beloved ones about the
importance of du’ah and share this
invaluable Sunnah with them. And
Kindly remember me, my parents,
my family and my beloved ones in
your du’ah. And I pray, may Allah
accept our fasting and answer all
our du’ah,…

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