This is the 10th day of the month of
al-Muharram of every Hijirah
calendar. The origin of this fasting
predates Islam, since the days of
Jahiliyah. It was initially the only
prescribed fasting until when
Ramadan fasting was prescribed it
was made supererogatory.
The Jews also fasted the ‘Fast of
the Tenth of Tevet’, which is the
tenth month of their calendar for
thanksgiving. They however differ
as to why it was prescribed for
them. Islam came to explain, it was
a day of great joy and
thanksgiving, it was a day Allah
destroyed the pharaoh, therefore,
the prophet –Aliahis Salatu Was
Salamu- said: we are loser to
Moses therefore in a better position
to rejoice his triumphant delivery
from the pharaoh.
Brothers and sisters, as we fast the
10th of al-Muharram which will
coincide with next Saturday 24th
Nov. 2012, we should pray to Allah
to deliver us from the remaining
petit pharaohs spreading mischief
in our lands. We should also ease
the day for our families with extra
spending on food as was narrated
in a weak hadith. It is a day of joy
and worship and pleasure. There is
no room for sadness and
melancholy. Allah the Most
powerful is never unmindful of what
the wicked and unjust people are
doing. He is only delaying their
chastisement so that they increase
in iniquity.
It is also a Sunnah to fast the 9th
day with it or the 11th day with it.
But still better if one can fast the
three days. As for those having the
Ramadan fast to compensate for,
Imam Malik said it will be better to
make up for the compulsory fast as
there is nothing that Allah loves
more than fulfilling the obligatory
May Allah guide us all.

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