Advice from Shaykh Uthaymeen to those Who Shave their Beards(Salaf-us-salih)

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Returning to the truth is a virtue. There is no doubt that if we were to give a person a choice between two paths; the path of the Majoos (fire worshippers) or the path of the Prophets, which would he choose? Every believer would choose the path of the Prophets. The Prophets-at the head of them is the seal of them, Muhammad ﷺ- would all let their beards grow, while the Majoos would shave the beard; so choose whichever of the two paths you wish. Due to this, we do not see that anyone has an excuse, after the truth has been clarified to him, to abandon the truth. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Be different from the Majoos; be different from the polytheists. Let the beards grow fully and trim the mustaches.” This was the way of the people from aforetime. We did not used to know of anyone who shaved their beards. Rather, it has been said that some of the oppressive rulers would punish an individual by shaving his beard. He would make it to be a punishment! The scholars, may Allaah have mercy upon them, textualized within the books of At-Ta’zeer (punishments) that it is not permissible to punish by shaving the beard. (This is) from that which indicates that some of the oppressive rulers deemed it to be permissible. So how about now? A person blows his wealth on shaving it. He loses out on the most important thing; he loses out on following the Messenger ﷺ and compliance with his command. We hope for this brother of ours, whom you all respect; we ask Allaah to bless him with guidance, and that he grows his beard in compliance with the command of the Prophet ﷺ and in keeping with his Sunnah.


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