Keep the faith that Allah’s assistance is not far away

Let us not forget that adversity and struggle are inevitable in the course of one’s life. As believers, Allah subjects us to the difficulties of life in order to test the strength of our faith. If this is not the case, how can we hope to demonstrate our commitment to the Straight Path and our faith in it?

Therefore, the point is easily understood. If we are put through trials, then we must take precautions to prevent Satan from leading us astray from the path of truth that Allah has established. Let’s make an effort not to lose sight of the big picture, which is the fact that the amount of time we have left in this life is extremely limited.

It will only be a matter of a few years before we make our way back to Allah, where we will be interrogated and held accountable for our actions. Let there be absolutely no question in any of our minds about this.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that Allah’s assistance is not far away. In point of fact, it is possible that it will occur very soon. Believe in it. Keep your faith. And when that time does come, it will be doubly delightful – not only to have the difficulty removed, but also to have survived the test.

Allah Says in The Qur’an

Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere,

Suratul Baqara Verse: 155

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