lesson 03 Topic: The Ideal Muslimah(Dr. Mansur Sokoto)

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She Worships Allah (SWT)
It is no surprise that the true
Muslim woman enthusiastically
worships her Lord, because she
knows that she is obliged to
observe all the commandments
that Allah (SWT) has enjoined
upon every Muslim, male or
female. So she carries out her
Islamic duties properly, without
making excuses or compromises,
or being negligent.
She Regularly Prays Five Times a
She offers each of the five daily
prayers at its appointed time, and
does not let domestic chores or her
duties as a wife and mother
prevent her from doing so. Prayer
is the pillar of the – whoever
establishes prayer establishes
faith, and whoever neglects prayer
destroys the faith.2 Prayer is the
best and most noble of deeds, as
the Prophet `Peace and Blessing
be upon him’ (PBUH) explained in
the hadith narrated by `Abdullah
ibn Mas`ud (RAA):
“I asked the Messenger of Allah
(PBUH): `What deed is most
beloved by Allah?’ (SWT) He said,
`To offer each prayer as soon as it
is due.’ I asked him, `Then what?’
He said, `Treating one’s parents
with mercy and respect.’ I asked
him, `Then what?’ He said, `Jihad
(fighting) for the sake of Allah
Prayer is the link between the
servant and his (Rabb). It is the
rich source from which a person
derives strength, steadfastness,
mercy and contentment, and it is a
means of cleansing the stain of his
or her sins:
Abu Hurayrah (RAA) narrated:
“I heard the Messenger of Allah
(PBUH) say: `What would you think
if there were a river running by the
door of any of you, and he bathed
in it five times every day, would any
trace of dirt be left on him?’ The
people said: `There would be no
trace of dirt on him.’ He said: `This
is like the five daily prayers,
through which Allah (SWT) erases
sins.’” (Sharh al-Sunnah 2/175).
Jabir (RAA) said:
“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH)
said: `The five daily prayers are
like a deep river flowing by the
door of any of you, in which he
bathes five times every day.’”
Prayer is a mercy, which Allah
(SWT) has bestowed upon His
slaves; they seek its shade five
times a day and praise their Rabb
(Lord), glorifying Him, asking for
His help and seeking His mercy,
guidance and forgiveness. Thus
prayer becomes a means of
purification for those who pray,
men and women alike, cleansing
them from their sins.
`Uthman ibn `Affan (RAA) said:
“I heard the Messenger of Allah
(PBUH) say: `There is no Muslim
person who, when the time for
prayer comes, performs
wudu’ (ablution) properly,
concentrates on his prayer and
bows correctly, but the prayer will
be an expiation for the sins
committed prior to it, so long as no
major sin has been committed.
This is the case until the end of
time.’” (Sahih Muslim 3/112).
There are very many Hadith which
speak of the importance of salah
and the blessings it brings to the
men and women who pray, and the
rich harvest of benefits that they
may reap thereby, every time they
stand before Allah (SWT) in an
attitude of humility and repentance.


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