lesson 06 Topic: The Ideal Muslimah(Dr. Mansur Sokoto)

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She avoids mixing freely with men
The true Muslim woman avoids
mixing with men as much as
possible; she does not pursue it or
encourage it. Thus she follows the
example of Fatimah, the daughter
of the Prophet (PBUH), the
Prophet’s wives, the women of the
salaf (the Sahabah and Tabi`in),
and those who followed their way
The harm that may be done to both
sexes as a result of free mixing,
that is obvious to the Muslim
woman, is now becoming clear to
Westerners who have practiced
free mixing on the widest scale.
They have seen that it leads to a
fall in standards of education, so
they have now begun to segregate
male and female students in some
universities and institutes of
education. A number of the
greatest Muslim educators, who
have visited Europe, America and
Russia have witnessed this
segregation, for example,
Professor Ahmad Mazhar al-
`Azmah, who was sent by the
Syrian Ministry of Education to
Belgium, where he visited a
number of schools. On a visit to a
girls’ elementary school, he asked
the principal, “Why do you not let
boys and girls mix at this level of
education?” She replied, “We
noticed the harm that mixing can to
do children even at the elementary
There was news that Russia had
reached a similar conclusion, and
had established separate,
segregated branches of
universities, where male and
female students did not mix.
In A, there are more than 170
university branches in which male
and female students do not mix.
They were set up because the
educators and supervisors noticed
the harm that was caused by
mixing, even in a society that is
used to mixing in every area of
social life.
The evidence of the harm caused
by mixing is too vast to be
enumerated. All of it points to the
wisdom of Islam in putting an end
to mixing, and protecting the
Muslim societies which adhere to
Islamic guidance from its
destructive, harmful effects.
May Allah guide us all.


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