Muslim Women(Dr. Mansur Sokoto)

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Muslim women have been the
subject of discussion in the
western media for many years
now. Whether that discussion has
been fact based or distorted by
false perceptions is a topic by itself
that needs scrutiny of it’s own.
Some of the topics that the media
has covered in the past include:
1. The false notion that
suppression of Muslim women is
something dictated by Islam
2. The mystery of the niqab or veil
donned by a Muslim woman
3. The necessity of hijab for a
Muslim woman
The false notion that a Muslim
woman is required to bear many
4. The false perception that Muslim
women are not educated.
and so on.
On the contrary, the Muslim
woman has one of the most
important role in a Muslim family.
This role includes not just the
upbringing of children but rather
keeping the family united around
true Islamic values. We will discus
more that will cover some of these


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