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January 26, 2013 at 11:04am
Women’s dress in Islamic culture is
based on a principle of female
modesty. There is an adage that
says “The way you dress is how
you will be addressed” Islam calls
people to modesty and humility in
both dress and manner. It is very
unfortunate that the body of our
Muslim sisters which is meant to be
covered have now become a sex
object for libidinal attraction,
thereby making indecent dresses
on facebook social network. We
must all realized that the seeming
moral laxity of female youths on
facebook, is simply a reflection of
moral bankruptcy of our societies
which is exhibited publicly.
At this point, I can rightly say that
the law of diminishing return begun
to set in on the world, where our
forefathers started half naked and
at present generation is heading
back to where they have started.
Many a times, multibillion
questions lingers my mind every
now and then, what is indecent
dress? How well should a girl
dress to make everybody
appreciate the outfit? How short
and transparent is a dress
considered indecent? Dressing in a
way that is likely to seduced or
offend people is indecent, which is
for girls, their breasts, thighs and
buttocks, and also the trend of
wearing trousers that expose the
underwears when bend or sitting
The most incomprehensive part of
it all is that the more female
indecent picture is uploaded on
facebook, the more male guys
comment, like, and appreciate the
indecency by words of praise,
compliment and flattering, and also
the more bad dresses paraded the
facebook in the name of
modernization of fashion and
civilization. No lady is truly civilized
and liberated if she is still the slave
of western fashion, culture,
customs and morality.
My Muslim Sisters; understand that
when you keep your sacred parts
sacred, you tell world the world that
you respect yourself not by
flaunting your “assets” for public
sighting. In a prophetic tradition
quoted as saying “ The world and
all things in it are valuable, but the
most valuable thing in the world is
a virtuous lady” you are obliged to
follow God’s rule on dress mode,
just as he stated in Qur’an 33:33 “
And abide in your houses and do
not display yourselves as (was) the
display of the former times of
ignorance” and also in 24:31 “
Allah orders women to cover their
bosoms whenever they dress up.
He says “And tell the believing
women to reduce (some) of their
vision and guard their private parts
and not expose their adornment
except that which (necessarily)
appears thereof”.
Therefore, I call upon my Muslim
Sisters back to their senses and
refrain from the so-called western
civilization and keep away from the
so-called western liberation of semi
naked dress on facebook social
Finally, I hope this candid call to
my fellow Sisters will in some
measure prove useful, and seek
forgiveness of Allah for any
shortcoming. I pray that as human
beings, we grow to know and share
the world view which enables us to
enjoy and, and where necessary to
endure all that life has offer and
that we may live our lives through
his limitless providence and
guidance, fully and naturally in
By: Anas Yunus Muhammad
(International Affairs Secretary,
Nigerian Student Union, Egypt
Al-Azhar University, Cairo
Nov-12- 2010


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