My respected brothers and sisters,
I pray to our Lord to have mercy on
you in this world and in the
hereafter. Indeed our society is
currently being engulfed and
swallowed by social vices, like
major and minor zina.
Unfortunately approaching illegal
sex (zina) and committing it as well
is becoming one of the qualities of
being an elite and semi-educated
person, for both male and female.
Here are some steps that can save
you from approaching illegal sex
which is itself prohibited (Haram).
1) Lowering the gaze and
refraining from looking at that
which Allaah has forbidden. Allah
And tell the BELIEVING MEN to
lower their gaze (from looking at
forbidden things), and protect their
private parts…and tell the
BELIEVING WOMEN to lower their
gaze (from looking at forbidden
things), and protect their private
parts (from illegal sexual acts)”.
The Prophet (SAW) says: “Do not
follow ONE GLANCE with another,
for the first is allowed but not the
second.” There are many sources
of haraam looking, such as looking
directly at young women, young
men and thinking about their
attractive looks, or looking at
pictures in magazines, movies,
Facebook, pornographic sites and
many others.
2) Observing voluntary Fasting, like
Mondays and Thursdays as taught
by the Prophet (SAW) when he
says: “O YOUNG MEN, whoever
among you can afford to, let him
get married, for it is more effective
in lowering the gaze and in
guarding one’s chastity. Whoever
cannot afford it, then let him fast,
for it will be a shield for him.”
This is addressed to young men,
but it also includes young women,
particularly those tempted with
illegal sexual desire with or without
3) Seeking help by calling upon
Allaah and asking Him for help.
The Qur’aan tells us the lesson to
be learned from the story of
Prophet Yusuf (AS):
“He said: ‘O my Lord! Prison is
dearer to me than that to which
they invite me (I.e zina). Unless
You turn away their plot from me, I
will feel inclined towards them and
be one (of those who commit sin
and deserve blame or those who
do deeds) of the ignorant’
So his Lord answered his
invocation and turned away from
him their plot (of committing zina).
Verily, He is the All‑Hearer, the
All‑Knower”(Yusuf 12:33).
O Allah turn us away from
committing ZINA as you turned
away your Prophet and slave
Yusuf (AS). O Allah protect our
beloved ones from rape being
perpetrated by evil and ungodly
people. O Allah protect our sisters,
wives, children and all our beloved
ones from all social vices of our

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