A pious believer has to control his
tongue and not speak unless he
says something good and
beneficial to him or to others.
The Prophet (SAW) says:
“Whoever believes in Allaah and
the Last Day, let him speak good or
else keep silent…” (Agreed upon
by Bukhari & Muslim)
Furthermore, The Prophet (SAW)
commanded us to control our
tongues in teachings such as his
answer to Uqbah Bn A’mir when he
said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of
Allaah, what is SALVATION?’ He
said, ‘Control your TONGUE, keep
to your house and weep over your
sin.’”(Saheeh al-Targheeb, 3331)
His eminence Imam Al-Nawawi
(RH) said: “If he wants to speak,
then if what he wants to say is
good and he is confident that he
will be rewarded for it, whether it is
obligatory or praiseworthy, then let
him speak, but if it does not seem
to him that it is good and he will be
rewarded for it, then let him refrain
from speaking, whether he thinks
prohibited or just permissible.
Imam al-Shaafa’i understood the
hadeeth to mean that if a person
wants to say something, he should
think about it: if it seems to him that
it will not do any harm, then he
should speak, but if he thinks that it
will do some harm or he thinks that
this is most likely, then he should
refrain from speaking.”
My dear brothers and sister, it is
obligatory upon his to control our
tongues and avoid gossiping,
backbiting, character assassination
and all forms of evil talks. Wallah,
that is the only way to SUCCESS
in this WORLD and in the NEXT.
May ALLAH help us in controlling
our tongues and bless us with

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  1. Nibras, you should always mention the sources of this write-ups. Because you copy from the Facebook page of Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami and you are not acknowledging the source. Wannan cin amanar ilmi ne kakeyi kai Nibras

    1. Weldone my brother. But pls make sure you check well b4 making such harassive comment. Check-out the category of the post you’ll find out the name there. Ok?

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