RESIST INSULTING BACK(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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An Arab adage says: ‘clouds are
not hurt by the barking of the dogs’.
The better you are the more prone
to abuse you become. That is why
the most noble of men, Prophet
Muhammad – peace be upon him-
is the most vilified and abused
personality by ignoble people.
Islam is a religion of virtues and
high moral standards. Muslims
believe that whatever they utter
from their mouth is recorded for
reckoning therefore the plenty
admonitions to guard the tongue.
In a hadith narrated by Al-bukhari
and others, the prophet –peace be
upon him- said: “whoever believes
in Allah should say what is good or
keeps quiet” also in another
tradition: “whoever will guaranty for
me what is between his jaws and
what is between his legs, I will
guaranty for him the paradise” i.e.
whoever with protect his tongue
from vain talk and his private parts
from fornication will be assured the
A Muslim is therefore urged to
resist insult. Allah said:
“Ye shall certainly be tried and
tested in your possessions and in
your personal selves; and ye shall
certainly Hear much that will grieve
you, from those who received the
Book before you and from those
who worship many gods. But if ye
persevere patiently, and guard
against evil, then that will be a
determining factor in all affairs.”
Just think about it. What do you
expect of people that are empty
and uncouth? What do they have
to offer beside vulgar language,
rudeness and abuses? Jesus was
reported as telling them: “O
generation of vipers, how can ye,
being evil, speak good things? for
out of the abundance of the heart
the mouth speaketh.” Just check
any forum where comments are
entertained and read their foul
mouth more especially against
Islam and the Noble Prophet –
peace be upon him. That portent
the abundance of evil in their
Therefore we are advice not pay
them back in their own coin but to
educate them of the best manners.
We are admonished not to abuse
others. Allah said: “Insult not ye
those whom they call upon besides
Allah, lest they out of spite insult
Allah in their ignorance. Thus have
We made alluring to each people
its own doings. In the end will they
return to their Lord, and We shall
then tell them the truth of all that
they did.” Q6/108.
Al-bukhari narrated that a group of
medina Jews visited the prophet
and greeted him with words
meaning “boredom upon you”
instead of “peace upon you”. Aisha
then answered them: “upon you
boredom and curse” the prophet
then said to Aisha: gently oh Aisha
for Allah loves gentleness in
everything. She said: oh the
messenger of Allah, didn’t you hear
what they said? He said: I have
already said “and upon you”.
So when you reply an idiot, you
should resist vulgarity and display
maturity. Jesus – peace be upon
him- as already condemned them.
“Ye serpents, ye generation of
vipers, how can ye escape the
damnation of hell?”
Another fallback of abuse is that it
can lead to one abusing his own.
The prophet – peace be upon him
said: “among the biggest of sins is
for a man to curse his two parents,
He was then asked: how can a
man curse his parents? He said:
the man will insult another man’s
father who will in return abuse his
father and mother”.
Finally, a Muslim should avoid
generalization. Allah Has said of
the people of the Book: “they are
not all the same” Q3/113. There
are good people among them.
They stand by the truth; they are
compassionate and friendly to the
Muslims. While on the other hand
there are ‘Muslims’ the hypocrites
that hate Islam and what it stands
for. They only pretend. You will
also find their mouth full of foul
language and abuses.
May Allah be our guide. Ameen!
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