10TH OF AL-MUHARRAM(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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Tomorrow is the tenth of Al-
muharrram popularly called Ashura. It
is recommended to be fasted
supererogatory but not compulsory.
The reward is the expatiation of the
previous year’s sins.
If one will however fast the 9th day
also, it is virtuous. One may also
increase his spending on food for his
immediate family but should not
consider that a Sunnah of Ashura, but
a separate good need. Because for one
to get the required rewards of a
worship, two basic conditions have to
be met.
One, the intention must be good, and
secondly, the act of worship must tally
well with the Sunnah of the prophet –
peace and blessing of Allah be upon
For this reason, many of the acts of
devotions and rituals and processions
that are done by deviants on this day
have no reward. The Prophet said:
“whoever aspire something beyond my
sunnah is not part of me”. Albukhari
and Muslim.
The prophet – alaihis Salatu was
Salam- was never in any demonstration
nor procession beating or cutting
himself – wa iyazu billah- and
whoever does that is not part of the
noble prophet.
May Allah guide us all.


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