There are some important signs of
those pious believers whom Allah
loves them. Whenever you see
such signs with you, they are only
indicating that Allah loves, cares
and values you in this world and
will definitely help you in the
hereafter. The signs are many, but
I will mention some of the salient
and more relevant ones for us.
1) Loving, visiting, helping one
another financially and offering
sincere advice to one another for
the sake of Allaah.
These essential qualities were
described in a single hadeeth in
which our Prophet (SAW) narrated
that his Lord said: “My LOVE is
guaranteed for TWO who LOVE
one another for My sake; My LOVE
is guaranteed for two who VISIT
one another for My sake; My LOVE
is guaranteed for two who HELP
one another for My sake; My LOVE
is guaranteed to two who UPHOLD
TIES with one another for My
sake.” (Authentic Hadith in
Sahihut-Targeeb:3019, 3020 &
2) Being afflicted, tested and
Afflictions, calamities and disasters
are a test for a person, and this is a
sign that Allaah loves him, because
this is like medicine: even though it
is bitter, but still you offer the
medicine, despite its bitterness, to
the one whom you love; and
Allaah’s is the highest description.
According to an authentic hadeeth:
“The greatest reward comes from
the greatest trial. When Allaah
loves people, He tests them, and
whoever accepts it gains the
pleasure of Allaah and whoever
complains earns His wrath.
(Tirmiziy: 2396 and confirmed to be
authentic by Shaykh Albaaniy).
3) Hastenning the punishment of a
genuine believer. For calamities to
befall the true believer is better
than punishments being stored up
for him in the Hereafter. How can it
be otherwise when he is raised in
status and his bad deeds are
erased thereby?
The Prophet (SAW) said: “When
Allaah wills good for His slave, He
hastens his punishment in this
world, and when He wills bad for
His slave, He withholds his sins
until he comes with them on the
Day of Resurrection.”
The scholars have explained that
the one from whom calamities and
trials are withheld is the
HYPOCRITE (Munafiq) for Allaah
delays his punishment in this
world, so as to bring him with all
his sins on the Day of
Interestingly and essentially too, If
Allaah loves you, do not ask about
the good that you will attain and
the virtue that you will acquire… it
is sufficient for you to know that
you are BELOVED of Allaah. The
great fruits of the love of Allaah for
you are explained in a Hadith.
People will love you and you will
be accepted on earth, as it says in
the hadeeth narrated by al-
Bukhaari (3209): “When ALLAH
loves a SLAVE, He says to Jibreel,
‘I LOVE so-and-so, so LOVE him,’
so Jibreel LOVES him and then
calls out to the CREATURES of
heaven (ANGELS/MALA’IK),
‘Allaah loves so-and-so, so love
him,’ and the CREATURES of
heaven love him, and then
acceptance is placed in the Earth
for him.”
O Allaah, make us among those
whom You love and help in this
WORLD and in the

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