The Prophet (SAW) has constantly
reminded his Ummah about the
FITNAH of Dujal in so many
traditions. among them, he (SAW)
says: “Between the creation of
Aadam and the onset of the Day of
Judgement, there will be no
FITNAH greater than the
Dajjaal.” (Reported by Muslim,
18/86). DAJJAL will travel around
the world, leaving no country but
he will enter it, except for Makkah
and Madinah, which he will not be
able to enter because the angels
are guarding them.
The fitnah (trial, tribulation) of the
Dajjaal will be the greatest fitnah
ever, seen from the time that
Allaah created Aadam until the
onset of the Day of Judgement,
and this will be because of the
power that Allaah will permit him to
have, of working great miracles
that will amaze and confuse the
people. There are so many
prophetic teachings that describe
how he will have a “paradise” and
a “hell”, but his paradise will in fact
be a hell, and vice versa. He will
have rivers of water and mountains
of bread. He will command the sky
to rain, and it will rain, and he will
command the earth to bring forth
its produce, and it will bring forth its
produce. The treasures of the earth
will follow him, and he will travel
though the earth at great speed,
like rain driven by the wind. The
followers of DAJJAL will become
Billionaires, while pious believers
will become poor people and
May Allah protect us from this
Fitnah of DAJJAL,…
I need your du’ah my brothers and
sisters, may Allah resolve and
solve all our challenges

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  1. “The followers of DAJJAL will become Billionaires, while pious believers will become poor people and paupers.” What a literal irony!
    Oblivious of the fact are some of his haters that are already activists in his course without whom he’d never come. What’s yet uncovered, to many, is whether this is done with care or with negligence. If only these naïve could realise that no one speaking a different language could ever deceive you, they’d soon find out that these so-called haters of anti-Christ whistle-blowing are nothing but indispensable tools of his.
    For those who knew which direction the wind blows, it’s only well-done… good job… keep it up.

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