19 year old Japanese/Vietnamese
brother Yuri Hayamato (now
Mohammed kamarov ) accepted
Islam. He is a student and born in an
Atheist family. Read how hatred,
anger, false media reports and
curiosity made him to finally accept
Islam…a Amazing journey in his own

Assalamualaykum. I reverted to Islam
on 4th June,2012. Alhamdulillah. I’m
I was born in an atheist Family,
which has been worshiping our
ancestors. Well, Atheist also have
some beliefs, but rather then belief I
will call it more of a old tradition and
culture. But I was never comfortable
with it, as it made no sense to me. I
never thought that i was getting
blessed by doing it.
My early life was bad and I was
always a troubled child and was
mostly a sad and it resulted in lots of
sorrow and pain. I was a naughty
boy and my mother used to beat me
up, sometimes harshly. In my class,
my classmate always picked on me
and bullied me because I was small
in size and different ( I am still small
and look more younger then my age).
the combination of these problems at
home and school had a negative
impact in my mind. I felt like I had to
take revenge from them and be an
evil man. My aim was to smash and
kill all the people who were bullying
me. So I started planning and
plotting,but failed miserably.
At 9th grade,I learned about religions
in our history class and initially
thought that Hinduism is coo, but the
whole idea just worn off over
At 10th grade,while chatting with my
classmates, I joked with my friends
that my birth place was Iraq and they
immediately started picking on me
again , some called me terrorist,
some called me Osama bin Laden,
some Taliban. I knew very little about
them like Taliban, Osama Bin Laden ,
Al Qaeda. I used to think Muslims are
terrorist. But I left it there as I got
engrossed in other things in life. But
then was always a question in mind
that why do Muslims do bad things. I
started doing little research and
leaned that it was not that simple
and straight as media told Then I
knew they were a victim of American
government. CIA created all of them.
So I felt a little comfortable with
Islam and changed the views that
Muslims were more victims. My
views were little changed about Islam
and Muslims
The 2012 rumor that the world will
end also played its role as I only
believed in science and scientist
explained about 2012 incident and
the existence of God. I always asked
myself, how did everything exist, how
could there was a Big Bang
Explosion. I started using Facebook
in 2011 and added a few of friends. I
knew that Indonesia and Malaysia are
two Islamic country so I made friends
with several Indonesians and few
Malaysians. I learned a lot of things
from them about Islam. I saw the way
theywere proud to be a Muslim,the
way women dress Hijab the way
Muslims treat to each others as
brothers, the way they worship Allah.
My views about Islam changed
further and I started believing that
only Islam could be the true religion I
wanted to be a Muslim, but I thought
there is no Islam in Hanoi,Vietnam
because Islam is not popular in
Vietnam. But I found out in Sai Gon
there are a lot of Muslim. So I
decided I would move there so that I
can revert to Islam! Alhamdulillah, I
googled: Islam in Hanoi. And I found
out there is only one masjid in
Northern Vietnam.
Thanks to my Indonesian friends who
explained me about Islam. I tried to
Email the mosque, but got no
response. Second time I sent a email
again on 31st May,2012. I send them
a email for the third time.
Alhamdulillah, on 2nd June,2012
they responded my request and on
4th June 2012. My Imam Abbas
called to me and told me to come to
the Masjid and be a true Muslim.
Alhamdulillah, after finishing the
Shahadah, I became a Muslim.
But I had to face my family. My dad
was really upset about me, he tried
to make me leave Islam but failed.
My mom mocked Islam in front of
me, telling that Muslims are terrorist
and insane. But I just let it go. I told
them that I won’t worship our great
ancestors anymore, but only Allah
(God). They insulted me on the 22nd
day of Ramadan. But I just came to
the Masjid and Prayed. Now I feel my
life is much better. I have Allah who
is always with me. Initially, I was lazy
on praying and had some difficulties
in praying as well. Astaghfirullah, I
read Qur’an and know that I have to
pray 5 times a day. So I try never to
miss any of prayers. My life has so
many challenge, sometimes I felt I
lost my faith but I kept up with Islam!
Because I learned from Qur’an that
life is temporary. The life after is
much more important, Of
course,there were some of defect in
my character but I always try to fix it,
Insha’allah. Becoming a Muslim I
feel I have to be a good boy,so I
always want to be good. Unlike me in
the past. I always smile at people
with my aim is to make me and
people feel happy. Because Smile is
Sunnah. I met a lot of friends who
are Muslims on Facebook.
Even sometimes they misunderstood
me, but I always kept forgiveness
thinking in my mind. I am always
ready to forgive people and no longer
want to take revenge. I saw some
Islamic haters tell something bad
about Islam and I tried to find the
reason why they did that. I started
debate with them but failed because
my Islamic knowledge is not so
good,and due to my entrance exam
this year I can’t learn Islam much.
But I never leave Islam because of
some Islamic haters. Islam has
changed my life from bad to good,
Islam teaches me to live happily even
in sorrow, poor or bad condition.
Always have to be graceful and don’t
complain about everything. Never
think that wealth is the only way,
avoid drinking Alcohol, avoid looking
at women and have to lower gaze in
front of them. Alhamdulillah.
I’m still not a good Muslim but I
always want to be a good Muslim
Insha’allah. My dream is to be an
Islamic teacher by learning Arabic
learning Islamic rules or to be a
translator. Insha’allah. After taking an
entrance to university this July I also
want to learn Russian. Please pray
for me my Muslim brothers and
sisters. I love you all for the sake of
Allah. Islam is just, Islam is not
about enjoying this life, is about how
to worship God and live well, that’s
why this life is called temporary!
That’s why we have to spread the
Shahada by giving Dawah. Saying
that Allah is the only God and
Muhammad is his last prophet. Islam
is the only way to access Paradise.
To Islamic haters, Islam never
teaches men to oppress their wife.
It’s Haram. Oppression of women
happens everywhere in this world.
It’s based on bad behaviour of their
husband not their husband religion!
Islam never teach people to do
suicide bombing or kill innocent
people. Bad people are everywhere
and in every religion, some use Islam
for their own benefit is the
transgressor. They never fight for
Allah they just want power and Allah
knows best. Forcing people to accept
Islam is also Haram! So as a Muslim
I invite you to Islam. If you have
time,please learn Islam carefully and
with a kind heart. I will always pray
for you. My revert name is
Muhammad Kamarov (Kamarov is my
Russian name by choice). Allah
hafiz, may Allah bless all of us and
also do apologize for my English as
it is not by native language

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