1. A Table Laden with Food
“When the disciples said: O Jesus,
son of Mary! Is your Lord able to
send down for us a table spread
with food from heaven? He said:
Observe your duty to God, if ye are
true believers. They said: We
desire to eat of it and our hearts be
at rest, and that We may know that
you have spoken truth to us, and
that We may be witnesses thereof.
Jesus, son of Mary, said: ‘O God,
our Lord, send down for us a Table
laden with food out of heaven, that
shall be for us a recurring festival,
the first and last of us, and a
miracle from You. And provide us
our sustenance, for You are the
best of providers!” (Quran
2. While Still in the Cradle
“He shall speak to people while still
in the cradle, and in manhood, and
he shall be from the
righteous.” (Quran 3:46)
Jesus said to the people:
“I am indeed a slave of God. He
has given me the Book and made
me a Prophet, and He has made
me blessed wherever I may be.
And He has enjoined upon me
prayers, and to pay the alms, as
long as I live and (He has made
me) kind to my mother, and He has
not made me insolent, unblessed.
And may Peace be upon me the
day I was born, and the day I die,
and on the Day I shall be raised to
life.” (Quran 19:30-33)
3. And It Becomes a Bird
“I create for you out of clay the
likeness of a bird, then I breathe
into it and it becomes a bird with
God’s permission.” (Quran 3:49)
4. Healing the Blind and the Leper
“I also heal the blind and the
leper.” (Quran 3:49)
5. The Resurrection of the Dead
“…and I bring to life the dead, by
the permission of God.” (Quran
6. The Provisions of Today and
“I inform you too of what things you
eat, and what you store up in your
houses. Surely in that is a sign for
you, if you are believers.” (Quran
Similar to other prophets, Jesus
performed miracles to convince
skeptics of his truthfulness, not to
demonstrate his divinity. The
Quran says:
“Surely in that is a sign for you, if
you are believers.” (Quran 3:49)
These miracles were performed
only by the Will of God, had he not
willed them to occur, they could
never come to be. God explicitly
states this in the Quran, saying that
they were:
“…by the permission of
God” (Quran 3:49; 5:10)
Although Muslims can not confirm
it, the Bible, through certain
narrations, states that Jesus at
times failed to perform miracles.
Once when Jesus tried to heal a
blind man, he was not healed after
the first attempt, and Jesus had to
try a second time (Mark 8: 22-26).
In another instance, “He could not
do any miracles there, except lay
his hands on a few sick people and
heal them.”(Mark 6:5)
The fact remains that indeed it was
not through his own will that Jesus
or any other prophet performed
miracles. Rather, they were
performed only by Will of God
Almighty – a fact also explicitly
stated in the Bible:
“A man attested to you by God with
miracles and wonders and signs
which God performed through him
in your midst.” (Acts 2:22)
Allahu Akbar

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