Was The voice from heaven the voice of god?(Hussaini Yusuf Mabera From His Book is jesus christ a son of god?)



Apostle peter claimed the voice
from heaven wich called jesus \’my
beloved son\’ in Luke 3:23-22 and
mathew 3:16-17 was the voice of
God and he was one of those who
heard that voice as he said in II
Peter 1:17-18. Even mathew, the
tax collector, has claimed that they
all heard the voice as written in
mathew 17:5-6. But jesus christ,
on whose behalf mathew, luke and
peter were speaking, has falsified
them by saying that the so-called
voice from heaven was not the
voice of God. In john 5:37, jesus
said: \’And the father himself,
which hath sent me, hath borne
witness of me. Ye have neither
heard his voice at any time, nor
seen his shape\’ In the above
verse, jesus was telling his
disciples and others of his time,
that they have never heard the
voice of God at any given time nor
seen the shape of God. How then,
can one reconcile these words of
jesus with what apostle peter says
in II peter 1:17-18 \’and this voice
(of God) which came from heaven,
we heard when we were with him
in the holy mountain\’? Who was
saying the truth between peter,
mathew, luke and jesus christ? If
some of the disciples of jesus had
heard the voice of God from
heaven, why did jesus belied them
in john 5:37? And if according to
jesus, no one, even among his
disciples had ever seen the shape
of God, it means that jesus was
not God, because they did not only
see his shape but they also heard
his voice. The christians can
simply settle this contradiction by
accepting the views of jesus and
reject the views of mathew, luke
and peter who were his followers.

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  1. Anaco Avatar

    Mr mabera, i want you to understand that jesus was talking with the jewish authority in that john 5 to 37.when reading the bible try start from the beginning so that you will understand the contex. U cant just read in midle.

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