Some Attributes Of God In The Qur'an And Bibble(Hussain Yusuf Mabera From His Book Is Jesus Christ Son Of God?)



Ladies and gentlemen, as you are
reading this book impartially, you
will realize that the almighty God
(Allah) who is the first without
begining and the last without
ending as the bible puts in isaiah
44:6 and deuteronomy 10:16, has
no son or daughter, infact, it is very
possible to visualize a time when
no man or nothing was existing
except the almighty God alone,
(see Qur\’an 76:1). The bible even
comfirms that in isaiah 43:10-13,
isaiah 46:9, isaiah 45:5 e.t.c. The
bible also says, everything
including jesus christ was created
there after (see nehemiah 9:6).
How then can the christians say
that jesus was the eternal son of
god or he has been with god right
from the time immemorial? As you
continue to read this page with an
open mind devoid of prejudice,
you will also understand that only
human beings, animals, jinns
(unseen spirits) and birds of the air
are subjected to having sons and
daughters that resemble them in
their forms and natures. The
angels of god themselves do not
have sons and daughters not to
talk of the almighty God that
created everything in the heaven
and earth. Jesus christ is already
part of the creations of God and is
in his control according to
nehemiah 9:6, isaiah 44:24, and
Qur\’an 31:10-11, Qur\’an 32:4-6.
Therefore, God only manufactured
things with his command (let there
be) as written in Genesis 1:11,
Genesis 1:14, psalm 33:6, and 9,
and Qur\’an 36:82; \”verily, his
command (pronouncement or
word) when he intends a thing, is
only that he say to it \”BE\” and \”IT
IS\” God does not reproduce, or
give birth to any male or female
like his creatures, why then should
he have a son when he is the
wonderfull artist who designed or
originated both heavens and earth
and he has no wife? (see Qur\’an
6:101-102). God does not desires
any son to inherit or share his
kingdom with him as writting in
isaiah 42:8 of the bible, God says;
\”iam the LORD; that is my name;
and my glory will i not give to
another, neither my praise to
graven image\” (see also isaiah
48:11). How then can it be said
that jesus is the eternal son of God
when God does not share his glory
with another? Also, God is the
author of life and death, and so he
cannot die so that his so-called
son will inherit his God ship or
kingdom as writting in
deuteronomy 32:39, Qur\’an
67:1-2, timothy 6:16-17 and
habakkuk 1:12. God is so powerful
and wise that he does not needs
anyone to advise him on what to
do, and when, and how to do it. If it
is said that jesus becomes the son
of God because he has no human
father, we can equally say that
adam has no both human father
and mother (Qur\’an 15:29, Qur\’an
3:59, Genesis 2:7). Also , eve
(adams wife) has no mother
(Genesis 2:21-23 and Qur\’an 4:1).
The angels are both fatherless and
motherless, they are also sexless.
God also made other wonderfull
and mysterious creations in his
own wisdom and power that are
above human human
comprehension. He created both
the visible and invisible things in
both heavens and earth. He
created the air such as;
oxygen,hydrogen,nitrogen, and
other gaseous things. But God did
not create himself nor has he ever
created anything like or equal to
himself.he does not share his
godly attributes with any of his
creatures in the heavens and earth
as written in isaiah 42:8; and Qur
\’an 25:2-3, \”he to whom belongs
the dominion. He has created
everything , and has measured it
exactly according to its due
measurements. Yet they
(unbeliebers) have taken beside
him other Gods who created
nothing but arw themselves
created. And possess neither harm
nor benefit for themselves, and nor
(of giving) life, nor of raising the
death\”. Compare the above Qur
\’anic verses with what jesus said
in john 5:30; \”i can of mine own
self do nothing.(either possess
harm or benefit for my self, nor
perform any miracle by my self); aa
i hear, i judge; and my judgement
is just, because i seek not to mine
own will, but the will of the father
which sent me,\” (see also john
5:19 and acts 2:22). All the
miracles performed by jesus christ,
happened because of the support
and the authorithy God gave him.
Let me now adduce some reasons
from the bible, the qur\’an and
common sense that show that God
has no any son.

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