who's voice was heard from the heaven?(Hussaini Yusuf Mabera From His Book is jesus christ a son of god?)

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If it was true as both mathew and
luke said, that a voice came from
the direction of heaven wich
addressed jesus as the beloved
son of God, but the voice of the
unclean spirit(devil) for the
following reason:
i) Luke 4:41 says:- \’and devil
come out of many, crying out (with
their voice) and saying, thou art
christ the son of God. And he
(jesus) rebuking them, suffered
them not to speak for they knew
that he was the christ(only)\’
Comment: How can one believes
that the devils (enemies of the
truth) can say the right thing about
jesus christ? Was he truly \’the son
of god\’ as the devil stated? If he
was what he devil described him to
be, why did jesus rebuke and
avoided their assertion? Jesus
suffered them not to speak that
word because they knew that he
was only the messiah (christ) and
not the son of God. Could these
demons not have been the ones
whose voice was heard coming
from the sky wich they assumed to
be the voice of God? Tink over it
ii) Mark 3:11-12;- \’and unclean
spirits, when they saw him, fell
down before him and cried out,
saying, thou art the son of god.
And he straightly charged that they
should not make him known (by
the tittle)\’. See also mark 5:7-9,
luke 8:28 etc. But luke 4:33-35 say:
\’and in the synagogue, there was
a man, which had a spirit of an
unclean devil, and cried out with a
loud voice saying, let us alone;
what have we to do with thee, thou
jesus of nazareth? I know who
thou art, the holy one of god. And
jesus rebuked him saying, Hold
thy peace and come out of him.
And when the devil had thrown
him in the midst, he came out of
him, and hurt him not\’ (see mark
1:23 also). In the above report, the
unclean spirit did not call jesus
\’the son of god\’ but the holy one
of god.


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    Asalamu alaikum,please hussaini yusuf mabera stop using the bible to qute christian wrong, use our weapon,key the qu ran tel them the truth bcose whatever u said dey will nt blieve u since u re against dere book,and dnt tel anyone dat he or she is wrong let Allah judge urs is to preach dnt condemy dere religion. May almight God blesse u and guide amin suma amin Thanks.

    1. Nibras Avatar

      @Ibrahim. Do you even knw what u are saying? Is he condeming their religion or the religion its self has condemned. Think before you comment man…

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  3. Ummar Avatar

    Jesus is Not All-Powerful, and
    Not All-Knowing:
    Christians and Muslims agree that
    God is all-powerful and all-knowing.
    The Gospels show that Jesus was not all-
    powerful, and not all-knowing, since he
    had some limitations.
    Mark tells us in his gospel that Jesus
    was unable to do any powerful work in
    his hometown except few things: “He
    could not do any miracles there, except lay
    his hands on a few sick people and heal
    them.” (Mark 6:5). Mark also tells us that
    when Jesus tried to heal a certain blind
    man, the man was not healed after the
    first attempt, and Jesus had to try a
    second time (see Mark 8:22-26).
    Therefore, although we hold a great
    love and respect for Jesus, we need to
    understand that he is not the all-
    powerful God.
    Mark’s Gospel also reveals that Jesus
    had limitations in his knowledge. In
    Mark 13:32, Jesus declared that he
    himself does not know when the last day
    will occur, but the Father alone knows
    that (see also Matthew 24:36).
    Therefore, Jesus could not have been
    the all-knowing God. Some will say that
    Jesus knew when the last day will occur,
    but he chose not to tell. But that
    complicates matters further. Jesus could
    have said that he knows but he does not
    wish to tell. Instead, he said that he does
    not know. We must believe him. Jesus
    does not lie at all.
    The Gospel of Luke also reveals that
    Jesus had limited knowledge. Luke says
    that Jesus increased in wisdom (Luke
    2:52). In Hebrews too (Hebrews 5:8) we
    read that Jesus learned obedience. But
    God’s knowledge and wisdom is always
    perfect, and God does not learn new
    things. He knows everything always. So,
    if Jesus learned something new, that
    proves that he did not know everything
    before that, and thus he was not God.
    Another example for the limited
    knowledge of Jesus is the fig tree episode
    in the Gospels. Mark tells us as follows:
    “The next day as they were leaving Bethany,
    Jesus was hungry. Seeing in the distance a
    fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had
    any fruit. When he reached it, he found
    nothing but leaves, because it was not the
    season for figs.” (Mark 11:12-13).
    It is clear from these verses that the
    knowledge of Jesus was limited on two
    counts. First, he did not know that the
    tree had no fruit until he came to it.
    Second, he did not know that it was not
    the right season to expect figs on trees.
    Can he become God later? No!
    Because there is only one God, and He is
    God from everlasting to everlasting (see
    Psalms 90:2).
    Someone may say that Jesus was God
    but he took the form of a servant and
    therefore became limited. Well, that
    would mean that God changed. But God
    does not change. God said so according
    to Malachi 3:6.
    Jesus never was God, and never will
    be. In the Bible, God declares: “Before
    me no god was formed, nor will there be
    one after me.” (Isaiah 43:10).
    The Bible clearly shows that Jesus was
    not all-powerful and all-knowing as the
    true God should be.

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