The christians arguments in support of the divine son ship of jesus christ(Hussaini Yusuf Mabera From His Book is jesus christ a son of god?)

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Luke 3:21:22: \”Now when all the
people were baptized, it came to
pass that jesus also being
baptized, and praying, the heaven
was opened, and the holy spirit
descended in a bodily shape like a
dove upon him and a voice came
from heaven, wich says; \”thou art
my beloveth son. In thee iam
pleased\” Other references of this
happening can be found in
mathew 3:16-17, mark 9:7,
mathew 17:5, mark 1:10-11, and
john 1:35,
Comment: It is important to know
that it was neither God nor jesus
Christ that gave the above report
about the voice from heaven. In II
peter 1:17-18, peter said: \”for he
received from God the father,
honour and Glory when there
come such a voice to him from the
excellent glory. This is my beloved
son in whom iam well pleased.
And this voice which came from
heaven we heard when we where
with him in the holy mount.\” the
disciples of jesus heard the voice
and fell on their faces as reported
in mathew 17:5. We are now going
to analyze the above hyperbole to
see how untenable the claims


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