Possibility Of the fatherless Nature Of Jesus Christ(Hussaini Yusuf Mabera From His Book is jesus christ a son of god?)

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Both the bible end the Qur\’an
have convinced us that jesus christ
was created in wondrous way
without any father (human or
divine). Let us read the following:
A) Jeremiah 32:17 says: \”Ah Lord!
Behold, thou has made the heaven
and the earth by thy great power,
and stretch out arm, and there is
nothing that is too hard for you\”
B) Luke 1:37; the bible says: \”for
with God nothing shall be
C) Mathew 19:26: \”but jesus
beheld them and said unto them,
with men, this is impossible; but
with God all things are possible\”
D) Qur\’an 36:81-83; \”is not he
(God) who created the heavens
and the earth, able to create the
like of them? Yes indeed! He is the
all-knowing supreme creator.
Verily, his command, when he
intends a thing, is only that he says
to it \”BE\” and it is! So glorified is
he (and exalted above all that they
associate with him), and in whose
hands is the dominion of all things;
and to him you shall be returned
(after your death)\”.
In a nutshell, if God is the one that
created adam without both father
and mother (Genesis 2:7, Qur\’an
15:29); if God is the one that
created eve (adam\’s wife) without
any mother (Genesis 2:21-23, Qur
\’an 4:1); and if god is the one that
created the sexless angels who
are both fatherless and
motherless; and if God created the
heavens without any pillars (psalm
33:6-9); then one can equally says
that the same God created jesus
christ without any physical or
divine father for with God nothing
shall be impossible. (mathew
19:26). And psalm 86:10 says: \”for
thou art great, and doest wondrous
things thou art God Alone\”. And of
course ! Jesus is one of the
wondrous things created by God.
Even the creation of the angels,
adam and eve, are more wodrous
and supernatural than the creation
of jesus christ. We should not also
forget that God miraculously
created other human being apart
from adam, eve and jesus, from
ordinary fluid (male\’s sperm and
female\’s egg as written in the
glorious Qur\’an 23:12-14, Qur\’an
75:35: how could a man and
woman evolved out of ordinary
ejaculated semen with all senses
of reasoning? Is that not one of the
wonders of God? Moreover , how
is it possible that from thesame
composition of sperms, with both
the white and black men
ejaculated, different colours,
languages, structures, mental and
phsycological reasoning emerged?
In Qur\’an 30:22 Allah says: \”and
from among his signs(wonders), is
the creation of the heavens and
earth, and the difference of your
languages and colours\”. Verily, in
that are indeed signs for men of
sound knowledge (see Qur\’an
45:2-6). Therefore, in God\’s sight,
it makes no difference creating
adam wirhout both parents, eve
without mother, jesus without
father and the rest of human
beings and animals with both
parents; this is because there is
nothing that is impossible for him
(luke 1:37). Just as there was no
any ejaculated sperm that fertilized
the egg of mary before the
conception of jesus christ took
place, so also ther is no any egg of
a woman that was fertilized by the
sperm of a man before, eve was
formed from adam. In Qur\’an 359:
the Qur\’an says: \”the similitude of
jesus christ before God is like
similitude of adam;for God created
adam from clay and he said unto
him. \”BE\” And adam became a
living entity\” (Genesis 2:7). Both
adam and jesus were created by
God through the same command
(word) \”BE\”and they became. So,
if jesus is God\’s word, Adam is
also God\’s word (i.ee they are all
the resuilts of God\’s command in
their respective dispension or
period). Conclusively, if jesus
became son of God because of his
miraculous birth, what can one call
adam, eve and the angels? What
can one call a man named
melchisedek who has no parent or
begining and end as the bible says
in hebrew 7:1-3?


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