Is Your Blackberry Appworld Icon Missing? Then here is a simple step for you on how to resolve this issue

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I noticed most of blackberry users rescently have been encounting error with the rescent new blackberry appworld Version 4.0.65. because iam one of the victims. It has been a great calamity for me when I updated my blackberry appworld from 4.0.55 to 4.0.65. After updating and rebooting I now find out my blackberry appworld icon is missing. And the must annoying thing is, when I go through my application manager I will see the appworld there installed. There I started looking for solutions, I googled it and also go through forums but all without solution, after all this I giv-eup to finding solution to this problem. At a spot a solution came to my mind that I should check if there is any posibilty of restoring up the old version of the appworld that is version I started searching for its link and I lastly got it. After going through the link I now back up the old version I reboot my device and the appworld is now back. Oh that’s so nice, that’s why I wish to share this tech with you. If you too are having same problem don’t worry just Click Here To Download The version that’s all


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9 responses to “Is Your Blackberry Appworld Icon Missing? Then here is a simple step for you on how to resolve this issue”
  1. Ana Claudia Avatar
    Ana Claudia

    Nibras, You`re genius!!! I`m trying to find out a way to fix it in the last 2 days!

  2. yinyin Avatar

    OMG!!! You really a life saver… The icon is reappear & it works… I have been so miserable for months… THANK YOU for sharing your experience & share your knowledge!!!!!

  3. Louna Avatar

    My app world (v55) installed hundred percent! Thank you. Icon is back on homescreen where it belongs. But none of my installed apps show on my app world account. I know there was a certain 2 keys on qwerty keyboard that I should push, but can’t remember what it was. It was something like “ctrl” and “I”, but I’m not sure. Can you help?

  4. Rana Avatar

    But what if It told me to upgrade it because this is the older version ……. It is actually very annoying but what can I do cuz I upgraded the app world before but it’s icon didn’t appear so I had to download this older version ……. Btw thanks for the solution

    1. Nibras Avatar

      Then you should upgrade ur os, can I know the version of os u use?

  5. Razan Avatar

    It tells me ” communication failure has occurred , the server may be busy ” please help me . It doesn’t work on my blackberry curve 9320 & my blackberry app world icon isn’t in my menu .. Please , I need your help , please

    1. Nibras Avatar

      What’s your current os version?

  6. Sibusiso Sbu Shandu Avatar
    Sibusiso Sbu Shandu

    i am still trying to download version and i will let you know as soon as it is done.

    1. Nibras Avatar


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