Can the Jinn steal material items from the home? – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree(By Salaf-us-salih)

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May Allah give you good. The first
question is from the questions
from Miraath website. The
questioner from Algeria says. May
Allah give you good O Shaykh. Is
it possible for the Jinn to steal or
take material items from the
house, such as gold or wealth?
Shaykh Ubaid:
This category of Jinn does indeed
perform the action mention in the
question. And that which I found
through investigating the
situations of the people is that the
magicians and charlatans use
them (the Jinn) for this purpose.
Thus the Jinn place a condition
upon them that they seek
nearness to them by providing an
offering to them. Thus by way of
this they fall into shirk. So if they
(the magicians and charlatans) do
what the Jinn want, they do what
they (the magicians and
charlatans) want; from stealing,
murder, possessing people and
other than that.


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