Asking about people to start fitna is not permissible – Explained by Shaykh Rabee(Salaf-us-salih)

Shaykh Muhammad bin
Haadee: The questioner says:
May Allah bless you and give you
good. Is asking about the people
from the guidance of the Salaf?
Shaykh Rabee: Yes, asking
about the people is from the
Minhaj of the Salaf; look to see
who you take your deen from.
Verily this knowledge is deen,
thus look to see from whom you
take your deen.
Some people ask will truthfulness
and sincerity, they desire to take
their deen from qualified Scholars
with sound Aqeedah and sound
Minhaj, thus for this reason they
And some of the people ask
because they want fitna. During
this time period, there are many
questions; what is your opinion
about so and so. What do you
think about so and so, what is
your view about the Minhaj of so
and so? And his intention is not to
benefit from the person or to
avoid him, rather he has another
intention. His intention is to
disseminate and spread fitna
among the people. These types of
questions are not permissible
because they are for the purpose
of fitna, and the affairs are
according to their intentions.
But if the questioner wants good,
and he wants to learn and he
wants to take his deen in the
correct manner then it is
incumbent upon him to search for
those whom he should take his
deen from.

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