NIGER DELTA REPUBLIC(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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A gentleman brought me a series
of video interviews conducted by
Dokunbu Asari. What he said tally
well with some questionable
documents circulated 2010 on the
‘strategic plan for the ijaw nation’.
Nevertheless, Dokunbu may be
delirious but he was not empty of
‘utopian’ dreams. Dokunbu was
contradictory but he was not
deceptive. I believe his naivety is
what made him the unofficial or the
unsolicited spokesperson or to
succinctly put it, the probable
aborter of the Ijaw nation grand
plan. His vituperations are more of
a spoiler had he known that.
The document was categorical that
the way to create the NIGER
through plebiscite in liaising with
the USA and Sec. Gen of UN. A
promised President Jonathan gave
his people, as purported.
In the document, one Gen. Cletus
Emein (Rtd) ‘cautioned that the
latest moves to buy Arms for
Militants will be counterproductive.
He was reported to have said that
‘it might throw the Niger Delta into
a becoming a war zone again and
this he said will neither Help
President Jonathan nor Nigeria as
a whole’.
If the document is not a fabrication,
then it tells a lot. There are
reasonable voices among the Ijaw
participants. This could also
explain its leak.
An Elder Godsday Orubebe
however was reported in the said
document as advising ‘the
President Goodluck Jonathan to
approve the order of the following
range of arms for the protection of
the Niger delta people’. The list
includes six containers of AK47
riffles, four containers of middle
range sub-machine guns, three
containers of rocket propelled
grenade launchers and
accessories, two containers of
various loads if ammunitions.
Not far after 2010, 13 containers of
deadly weapons were imported
and confiscated by the customs.
The army are believed to have
taken over the consignments, and
to date no word is heard about it.
There are speculations that
through Azazi, it ended with the
militants, their original destination.
Now nothing can exonerate the
Ijaw NSA, except if the
consignments are found to be
officially deposited in the armory
inventory of the Nigerian Army,
unfortunately in this state of affairs
that will be extremely difficult. But
could it then be one of the reasons
why the present chief of army staff
refused to retire with his
colleagues? There is a nut that
needs to be cracked here. The
truth need to be known, for it
cannot be buried forever.
It is unfortunate, we are living a
very critical period of uncertainty.
Dokunbu Asari asserted they are
ready and well equipped to fight.
They are ready to resist even his
arrest. This is a self-confession and
declaration that they still hold
illegal arms and are ready to use
them for their secessionist plans.
The ball now is in the Nigerian
security court. How they untangle
this debacle, holds the answers to
Jonathan’s bid for re-election and
for future adventurist. Do they
continue pounding BH elsewhere
and leave the eminent Niger Delta
secession danger brew and
resurface? No doubt what
Dokunbu Asari has proven, is that
urgency of Nigerian’s need for a
new face and a new direction is
Meanwhile my little words for this
Muslim brother is that nothing is
achieved through violence, a
lesson I thought the bitter Biafran
experience has taught all
Nigerians. I beseech him to follow
the path of peace. ‘Allah Loves
cordiality and gives through it what
He never gives through violence’
May Allah Protect us all from all


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