FROM BOSTON TO KANO(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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Bothers ad sisters, if we
contemplate very well, the Lessons
learnt or not learnt from Boston to
Kano this week holds the solutions
to our insecurity issues in Nigeria.
In Boston, with good intelligence
analysis, good governance and
genuine cooperation of the local
populaces, the terrorist were
routed out without any harm in the
populace way.
Also in Kano, one of the terrorist
was killed by the repellant
populace, a good prognosis of the
change of things coming.
Therefore people in Nigeria should
take on the fight themselves.
People have four clearly defined
enemies they have to fish out if we
want security and peace to return
to over neighborhoods. These four
enemies are:
Sometimes these four enemies of
the people work in unison and
cooperate to perpetuate the state
of insecurity that gripped the nation
since 2011.
As for BH, every district should
aspire to flush out suspicious
people and document strangers.
People should never allow
strangers into their homes- how
many people were shot or
slaughtered by strangers. The
claims by BH of establishing the
sharia is known to everybody to be
diabolical. Since there is no
obstacle to Sharia Implementation
in the Northern sharia states
except of course the general
ignorance about sharia itself, the
lack of sufficient qualified Sharia
court judges and the waning
political zeal.
In Kaduna state at one time there
was an advertisement for about 80
judges for which only about 27
applied, Allah knows how many
were qualified. Of all the boko
haram individuals, no one among
them stands out as a qualified Qadi
to dispense the Sharia law at its
basic tenets. Lest anybody is
deceived, never was any
government or non-Muslim an
obstacle to sharia but our own
As for MEND individuals, their
direct influence can be very limited
as they can easily be apprehended
if people are up to the task. That is
if they decided to be active outside
the sphere of their conclave.
However, with the amnesty money
flowing out if their pockets, their
danger lies in their ability to finance
terrorist groups. Some Chadians,
Malians, Nigeriens and some
northern Cameroonians are all
there for the bidder. It is a
catchment area for terrorist,
assassins, robbers and criminals.
MEND should be taught that
petroleum does not anymore
become a local commodity for an
ethnic group to monopolize. It is
the pivot of strategic survival of
many nations. If they want to deny
their black brethren they cannot
surely deny their Oyinbo masters.
Is it then not enough for them, their
enslavement in the southern plains
of USA? Do they still extend free
petrol power to the same masters
that exploited them in the last
century? Yet deny their kinsmen?
They better wake up from
daydreaming. Nobody can deny
anybody the bounties of the earth.
They should also know that, it is
the rest of the Nigerians that are
tolerant of them, with their instincts
to criminality acknowledged
worldwide, who wants to be a
citizen with criminals? They should
know that to share a country with
them, they do nobody any favors.
As for the danger posed by the Evil
elements of the security outfit it is
unfortunately real. They are those
that hide behind the uniform and
harm the society because of ethnic
or religious bigotry. They kill
suspects with impunity and frame
the innocents. People should
document the security agents in
their locality for the sake of
posterity. I just heard that
Musharraf is under house arrest.
Nobody is above the law all the
As for Bad governance, it’s the
pinnacle of the problem. Because
with good governance, all these
other groups can be effectively
So as we watch out for bad
elements in our society, whether,
BH or MEND or BAD eggs of the
security agents or BAD
Governance, people should come
together and bail out themselves
from this servitude to evil people.
Allah Helps those who help
themselves. “ ‘O ye who believe! if
ye will support (the cause of) Allah,
He will support you, and plant your
feet firmly.” Q47/7.
May Allah protect us all from all
Evil. Ameen!


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    Thank. U very much .may Almighty Allah save us from de evil , and make us to plant our feet firmly amen. May God bless

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