ISSUE OF THE DAY(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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Every individual in this nation is
concerned about the future. Nigeria
is catalytically deteriorating. Today
the national discourse is on
corruption and amnesty for
We have missed the crux of the
matter. Corruption is incurable, it is
only suppressed. That is by
genuine Ethics/faith illumination
campaigns like the Ethical
revolution, W.A.I, Re-brand Nigeria
etc. and an effective system of
accountability (i.e. check and
balance) or what can be summed
up as good governance. As for the
amnesty to Boko Haram it is
hypocritical. Boko Haram as an
ideology respects no law. Not even
the Quran or Hadith or Scholarly
fatwa. They have their own
interpretation, anything short of that
is part of the enemy that should be
killed. So on what basis should
there be dialogue or amnesty. It is
a creed that must be crushed; it is
a creed the prophet – alaihis
Salam- wished he is alive to
The question today, is who can do
that? I say definitely not the
present dispensation. Because it
lacks the moral high ground to
defeat them. Already, a greater
amount of innocent people were
killed, maimed, tortured and
incarcerated by the JTF in the
name of fighting Boko Haram than
the damage cause by them or
those that camouflage behind
them. A whole region is made to
suffer economically, socially and
politically because of this blind war
on terror. The present dispensation
has everything to gain is refusing
the ‘amnesty’ call for political
reasons, that is why it is
recalcitrant. Otherwise, if the need
to crush BH is genuine, it would
have been achieved since.
Let a selected Muslim High ranking
officer cadre of the armed forces
take charge of this whole
‘operation’ from investigations to
incursions. It needs a careful
excision and only the person that
feels the pains of society has the
capacity to carry it out. Like
removing a tumor from the brain,
you don’t give that to an orthopedic
surgeon no matter how good to do
that. It is an operation of precision
not brute force. This choice of
tackling a peculiar problem is the
sign of good governance. Special
missions have special
requirements if success is the
BH are armed individuals hiding is
a civilian population. They do not
control any high fire power to be
engaged in a war. Therefore there
is absolutely no need -what so
ever- to deploy and ultimately
exhaust the military in road blocks
all over the spheres of their
activities. What are needed are
very good intelligence, special
strike squads and the genuine
cooperation of the civilian
population which can never be
achieved through intimidation.
So when the issue is tackled with
the impulses of vengeance and
retaliation as the case is now, the
whole saga is gradually turning into
another thing all together. This is
what makes the future bleak and


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  1. Ibrahim adamu Avatar

    tambayata kamar nene tambayoyin kabari,a larabcin hausa.

  2. Ibrahim adamu Avatar

    sa.ana ina so malam ya jeromin farillan sallah,da sunnonin ta,da mustahabban ta.

  3. Ibrahim adamu Avatar

    tambayata kamar nene tambayoyin kabari,a larabcin hausa. da kuma farillan sallah da sunnonin ta da mustahabban ta.

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