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Today Tuesday, is another
milestone in the history of the
nation Nigeria. The mare survival
of Nigeria as a unified entity is the
only successful story in the 53
years of its independence. Like
Boko Haram, Nigeria can only
boast of its success on its survival.
We see despite heavy fatalities
and injuries of thousands of people
and the grounded economic life of
the NE, the purported Boko Haram
leader can only boast on his ability
to prove he is still alive. Just like
BH, Nigeria is real but unrealistic,
naïve and self-annihilative. Why?
Just because those that lead the
two phenomena are dehumanized
of all human sensibilities. They
trade blood for power!
Sequel to the SW riots of June 12
1993 annulment of the presidential
elections in which chief M. K. O
Abiola won, Gen. IBB stepped
down citing that he would not stand
the spilling of Nigerian blood just to
adhere to power. A lesson we
wished Assad of Syria and Sisi of
Egypt realized long ago. You never
kill innocent souls and survive.
2years ago, regarding the 1st of
October 2010 Abuja bombing that
killed 12 innocent Nigerians,
carried out by the terrorist
organization M.E.N.D, President
Jonathan exonerated them and
tried to castigate the northern
politicians inferring to IBB. A new
strategy never known in Nigerian
politics came in to play i.e. by
calling a dog a bad name to hang
it. Then IBB was foreseen as the
most formidable obstacle to deny
Goodluck power. They forgot IBB
left the power to save Nigerian
blood. This the best deed of IBB
Nigerians should not betray.
Yes, from the onset, Mr. Goodluck
was apparently in a struggle to
grab power and to cling to power
even if that is at the cost of
innocent Nigerian lives. Well it
turned out that his people were the
After the 2011 election violence
that spilled the blood of innocent
Nigerians, in Kaduna South more
than 500 innocent people were
massacred probably the highest
causality of the violence, the
victims were absurdly also framed
as anti-Jonathan and Gen. Buhari
was cited as the instigator. Give a
dog a bad name and hang it
strategy again in play. It then
appeared that Gen. Buhari is not a
man that can be arrested and
incarcerated. The government that
will dream of that must be day-
Suddenly after his ascension to
power and the affect of strategic
replacements in the Nigerian
security apparatus that favored the
SS and SE regions, the ‘boko
haram’ bombings became
incessant, powerful and more
sophisticated. Bombings in Sokoto,
Daura, kano, kaduna, Zaria,
Maiduguri, Abuja, Damaturu,
Bauchi, etc. in fact the whole
northern region was virtually on
fire. ‘Boko Haram’ a ragtag group
of peasant al-majiris were then
abruptly well-equipped to carry out
highly sophisticated military like –
clandestine operations. It is to
insinuate that they were triggered
as a reaction of the northern region
to reject Jonathan’s rule. Calling a
Dog a bad name to hand him
strategy again. This time not
against individuals but a whole
region and religion.
Then Azazi and Yakowa died
abruptly. The bombings also
suddenly abated to a halt.
Then gradually a new strategy sets
in. Massive killings of civilians in
villages, schools and road sides by
unidentified people or recently
workers squatting in uncompleted
buildings by security agents. All
happening in states supposed to
be either under state of
emergencies or the capital city
where security alert is at the
optimum. Gen. Shuwa was gunned
down and murdered under the very
eyes of his army guards that didn’t
react. And no military panel to
investigate the killing of such a
national hero that fought to keep
Nigeria one was officiated. And you
dare say the military now is
demoralized and also paralyzed by
its own mechanism.
In brief, these killings in Nigeria
from the 1st October 2010 to date
are largely a script play and a plot
unfolding. In it, even some of the
active accomplices like the naïve
almajiris are not aware they are
In Nigeria today nobody is safe.
Anybody can be attacked and
killed, or framed up and arrested.
You see or hear of Law and order
is only in books and the
compromised newspapers and
media. Journalism is dead, justice
in the court of law is absent,
intellectuals are neutralized, and
the populace is largely left poor
and uneducated.
Mr. Jonathan has only one option
left for him. Let him conduct a free
and fair election in 2015. From
PDP primary elections to the
national elections. Let him not be
deceived by those wolves that
want to push him to his expiration
for their corrupt lifestyles. Mr.
Jonathan should know that power
is no substitute for blood i.e. you
cannot spill other people’s blood to
stay in power and remain
flourishing. You should ask Assad
about that. You can call Sisi in
Egypt and ask him about that. The
psycho-trauma is enough to finish
one’s life.
Please Mr. Jonathan, if Nigerians
don’t want you please go in peace.
My advice to Nigerians is that the
struggle in Nigeria is wrongly
termed religious or ethnic. It is all
about a clique who wants to
monopolize money and power. The
day Nigerians reclaim their
government, military and
resources, that day they will
realized that boko haram, MEND,
OPC and also the so called
‘influential’ religious organizations
are all hijacked for the same goal
by this clique to perpetuate the
status quo.
As for Islam, I can speak for. Islam
calls for peaceful co-existence,
progress, mercy and compassion
on all humanity. “And We have not
sent you but as a mercy to the
world” Q21/107.
May Allah Protect us all! Amin


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  1. All this is happen due to our elders careless, but an any case i wish in 2015 mr dictator would find another way to live his life. and i asked Allah the most high to control our life.

  2. musabimam gombe Avatar
    musabimam gombe

    Thankyou, Allah blessed you and me with paradaise.but i have a question,
    my question is
    fasting is composary on non belivers?

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