THE RULE OF LAW(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)



This is exactly what can save Nigeria.
Everybody has to obey and follow the
law. Any shortcuts will put us in a cul-
de-sac of problems.
And any nation, once entangled in
myriads of socio-political upheavals
will need a generation to return to
normalcy. Egypt is already entangled,
Syria also, and Nigeria is on the way.
All because of the recklessness of the
political class and the western
The West is behind the coup in Egypt.
The West doesn’t want Assad to go
because of the fear of those coming to
replace him. The west does not support
a true democracy in regions of its
special interests. In Nigeria because of
its greed on Nigerian oil. Nobody
needs to be convinced. The west when
it relates to others is unprincipled and
deceitful. By the grace of Allah,
because Obama is half African and has
a special interest in Africans, Nigeria is
saved from serious war of succession.
One needs to recognize the difference
between Governments, their policies
and the intelligence community that
work in the background and are not
necessarily influenced by the
Nigeria today is in serious problem of
falling into chaos because the
government and the intelligent
community are lopsided. This may
‘deceive’ them to think they can do
things drastically. Don’t be naïve!
What deceived Maj. Chukuma to derail
our democracy? What deceived Dimka
to kill the real fight against corruption?
From the way, we see the nPDP
governors are handled aggressively,
little doubt is left that we dealing with
that same self-conceited monster that
deceived people to take insane actions
that will ultimately destroy themselves
and destroy others innocent.
Those that want the nation to separate
are advised to follow the due process.
What peace cannot bring you, violence
can never do it.
Let elections be free and fair
Let the armed forces be well
Let us live in peace not in damaged
For verily who ever lives by the sword
will perish by the sword.
May Allah save us all.

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  1. Kabir Sulaiman Avatar
    Kabir Sulaiman

    Allah ya saka da Alkhairi,ya kara mal. lafiya da hakuri da imani

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