JONATHAN IN ISRAEL(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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I am not a keen political
commentator probably because my
brain also filters information
through the prism of religion, but I
definitely now believe that Mr.
Jonathan is neither a politician nor
does he mean well for other
His ‘tourism’ to Israel is a big
political blunder, I said tourism
because its never in the annals of
true Christianity to partake
pilgrimage as it’s a cardinal tenets
of Islam to go on such pilgrimage
to three most Ancient mosques in
the World. In a hadith narrated by
Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Abu
Huraira, the prophet – peace be
upon him was quoted as saying:
“No religious journey is allowed
except to three mosques”. They
are the Makkah mosque, the
Medina mosque and the Jerusalem
Nigeria along with many other
African and world countries has
sided with the plight of the
Palestinians that were forced out of
their homeland, killed and
scattered. There are still
Palestinian refugees in Lebanon,
Syria, Jordan and all over the
world. They are prevented from
entering their mother land just
because it was confiscated by the
Western powers with Israel used
as a ‘front’. It’s a share case of
colonization with expulsion of the
rightful occupants. For this reason
no Nigerian president in the past,
Muslim or Christian has visited
Israel in order not to honor such
Today Nigeria riddled with
insurmountable political, economic
and social problems, our least
priority is a state visit to a
controversial state where human
suffering is the norm of the day.
What do we stand to gain from
Israel? For one, the Jews -I am
saying this without any prejudice-
are traditionally known to be misers
while we African are seldom not
beggars. Charity is not in there
lexicon. Jesus – alaihis Salam- has
condemned them in the most
explicable terms no other human
has done. ‘Ye serpents, ye
generation of vipers, how can ye
escape the damnation of
In the Quran, Jews were also
cursed with misery and lowliness;
they can only parasite on other
nations to survive and on Allah’s
mercy on occasions. Allah said: “
Shame is pitched over them (Like a
tent) wherever they are found,
except when under a covenant (of
protection) from Allah and from
men; they draw on themselves
wrath from Allah, and pitched over
them is (the tent of) destitution.
This because they rejected the
Signs of Allah, and slew the
prophets in defiance of right; this
because they rebelled and
transgressed beyond bounds”.
Notherless the Quran in fairness
said “Not all of them are alike: Of
the People of the Book are a
portion that stand (For the right):
They rehearse the Signs of Allah
all night long, and they prostrate
themselves in adoration. “ Q3/113.
What concern us now, is that
Jonathan has succumbed to the
pressure to support the Jews at the
detriment of the oppressed
Palestinians and the teaming
millions of Nigerians living under
the most appalling conditions, our
children out of schools, and the
ostentatious life style of his
ministers, cronies and oil thieves.
If Jonathan wants religious peace
in Nigeria, his visit to a religiously
controversial state is a mistake.
The message is that he is
insensitive to Muslim’s sensibility.
There is share recklessness in
such an adventure. Truly Islam has
enjoined Muslims to interact,
mutually benefit with the Jews in
business and marriage. Muslims
are allowed to eat their food,
therefore it should be understood
that the Muslim’s apathy towards
them is because of Zionism and
the plight of their fellow Muslims.
The Jewish experience is Spain
under the Muslim rule is well
documented. They prefer Muslim’s
treatment to the Christians. Even in
recent history what the German
Nazi did to the Jews cannot be
My advice to Israel is that they
should not interfere with Nigerian
problems, treat Mr. Jonathan as a
simple tourist. As I also beseech
them to facilitate Muslims going on
pilgrimage to Jerusalem as
instructed by the prophet of Mercy.
May Allah protect us from all evil!


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  1. umar muhammad bage Avatar

    the write-up is well reached but how I wish the sheikh should stay away from political commentaries that will mar his personality.

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