Any entity that employs
unauthorized killing as a principle
in achieving whatever goal it
aspires is EVIL. Henceforth it is
evident that the evil of terror is not
confined to a small group of
fanatical Muslims youth that
employ the tools of terror to
achieve their goals or revenge any
perceived injustice against them or
against Muslims as they claim. The
Evil of terror is bigger and greater
than that. The Evil of terror knows
no boundary, religious, ethnic or
racial. Evil killers are found
For the Muslims, we are very
fortunate that only a small fraction
of misguided youth have recently
adopted this evil ideology. Islam
has seriously condemned the
unauthorized killing of souls. The
authority in Islam only belongs to a
government duly elected by the
consensus of the Ummah. We
therefore see that except for very
few instances, Muslims do not
commit murder. The rampant
murder committed in the west, is as
a result of the irreligious life the
west has adopted and bears little
with the clamor of gun control. In
Yemen, the populace is armed yet
such murders are not an
occurrence because Islam instills
in the individual the discipline of
self-restrain and control and forbids
taking of one’s life and that of the
others too. This cannot be said
about the other religions.
The more deadly evil, is that evil
that camouflage behind the
‘government’s security agencies’ to
kill innocent people either to
perpetuate power or score some
political goals. For instance in
Nigeria we have seen how some
Christian elements in the Nigerian
security apparatus have been
killers of innocent Muslims leaders
for political reasons. Such
elements are deadlier evil than
boko haram. They aimed to destroy
the Muslims as a whole by
decapitating their leadership thus
exposing the Ummah to perpetual
subservience. That is why,
Ababakar Tafawa Balewa,
Sardauna, Akintola, and Gen
Murtala all went victims of these
These similar terrorist are still the
ones now that are supposedly
‘leading’ the war against terror or
war against boko haram. It is a
double edge sword of r them. Kill
Muslim leaders and kill the youth at
the same time all under
camouflage. They are entrenched
in the security apparatus. They are
retiring good Muslims in the armed
forces to enable them perfect their
evil plans they started since 1966.
They think they are in control
because they are blinded by hate,
rancor and evil, they cannot see
that their evil is exposed and
evident. They cannot see that Allah
Has taken up the fight against them
since their intentions are evil.
Kaduna was meant to be devoured
like Maiduguri when Allah The Al-
mighty stroke.
They cannot see that you don’t
guaranty your life by killing others;
you do that by giving life to others.
They fantasize that they can keep
power by evil machinations
whereas power belongs to Allah.
Nigeria can only know peace and
stability when such evil elements of
the security apparatus are flushed
out of the system instead of the
good diligent officers. This is the
deadliest segment that has been
neglected and the public should
know and watch. Evil will never
May Allah protect us all from all

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