ABIOLA AND THE MUSLIMS UNITY(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

The annulment of June 12th 1993
presidential elections was a
tragedy and a strategic blunder.
We are still suffering from it’s
consequence to this day. Since the
architects of Nigerian politics then
don’t have any strategy or plan far
beyond personal interest, this great
opportunity was lost. This is the
blunt truth.
Abiola, a Yoruba southern Muslim,
would have united the northern
and southern Muslims that form the
bulk of Nigerian electorate, which
would have given the Muslims a
clear majority always. Had the
case been the reverse in favor of
the Christians, no Muslim would
ever smell Aso rock as the
president, but because of our
division and discord we lost this
privilege for nothing.
Late Basorun M. K. O. Abiola told
us that the late sheik Abubakar
Gumi was the one that initiated him
to seek for the presidential position
so as to unite the Ummah. He also
said, he initiated him to seek for the
establishment of the sharia courts
in the southern states. Today none
of these materialized.
Abiola contested against Bashir
Tofa a Kano businessman and
won. When he was denied
ultimately a Christian Shonekan
was installed, so what has been
achieved? Later also a Christian
Obasanjo was installed, and there
was when the woes of the Muslims
started. A born-again Christian
bent on revenge on the innocent.
Sometimes in 2004, a Yoruba
gentleman came to see me in
Nigeria together with a minister
from Aso rock. He introduced
himself to me as a Muslim but in
the security side of Obasanjo’s
men. His complains was that, the
president is not happy with what I
say. I told me him that, my grudge
is the bare marginalization of the
Muslims in his government and
armed forces. I asked the
gentleman, you are Yoruba Muslim
and you are privileged to be close
to the president but tell me of
another Yoruba Muslim highly
placed in his government? He
never answered me.
So brothers and sisters,
We Muslims in Nigeria have a duty
we will be charged before Allah on
the Day of reckoning. We should
unite and lead people out of the
darkness to light and out of
injustice to justice. We are not to
use our strength to emasculate
others, never, they have their
rights, but as Muslims that know
right from wrong, we should lead
the nation to prosperity, peace and
May Allah unite us all.

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