(Must Read) Words Worthy of Golden Ink(Salaf-Us-Salih)

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It was narrated upon Shaqeeq al-
Balkhi (rahimahullah) that he
said to Hatim:
“You have accompanied me for a
while so what have you learnt
from me?”
He said:“ I have learnt from you 8
Firstly: I looked at the creation
and found that every person has
something which is beloved to
him and when he reaches his
grave this beloved thing is cut off
from him. So I have made my
beloved, my good deeds so that it
will remain with me in the grave.
Secondly: I looked at the saying
of Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala)
“And as for him who feared
standing before his Lord, and
restrained himself from impure
evil desires and lusts”
So I strove against my soul
defending it from desires until it
settled upon obedience to Allah.
Thirdly: I saw that everyone who
has something precious
safeguards it (with much care), so
then I looked at the saying of
Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala):
“And that which you have will
perish and that which is with Allah
will remain”
So whenever I came across
something which I found to be
precious I directed it to Him so
that it will remain with Him for me.
Fourthly: I saw that the people
were depending upon their
wealth, nobility and dignity, which
are all nothing (in reality) so I
looked at the saying of Allah
(subhaanahu wa ta’aala):
“Indeed the most honorable of
you in the sight of Allah are those
who are most pious amongst you”
So I proceeded upon taqwa in
order to gain an honorable
standing with him (subhaanahu
wa ta’aala) .
Fifthly: I saw the people being
jealous of each other so I looked
at the saying of Allah
(subhaanahu wa ta’aala):
“We have divided between them
their livelihood”
So I abandoned jealousy
because it is in opposition to the
destiny of Allah.
Sixthly: I saw them having enmity
between themselves so I looked
at the saying of Allah
(subhaanahu wa ta’aala):
“Indeed the Satan is an enemy for
you so take him as your enemy”
So I abandoned this enmity and
took the shaytaan as my sole
Seventhly: I saw them resorting
to shameful measures in search
for provision so I looked at the
saying of Allah (subhaanahu wa
“And there is not a creature on
the Earth except that Allah
provides for it”.
So I engaged myself (in
establishing) His rights that He
(subhaanahu wa ta’aala) has over
me and entrusted what is mine,
with him, in assurance of his
Eighthly: I saw them relying
(solely) upon their trade and
products and strong healthy
bodies but I put my trust in Allah
the lord of the worlds.


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