Shafin karatukan Sati Sati

Weekly Tafseer By Dr. Sani Umar
Sharhin Sunanu-ddarimi By Dr. Ahmad Buk
Bahjatu Qulubil Abrar By Dr. Sani Umar
Adda’u Waddawa’u By Dr. Sani Umar
Sharhin Alfiyatu Ibni Malik By Dr. Bashir Aliyu
Fatawowin Rahama By Dr. Sani Umar
Sahihul bukhari By Dr. Bashir Aliyu
Umdatul Ahkam By Dr. Bashir Aliyu
Attajreedussarih By Dr. sani Umar
Alwabilussayyib By Dr.sani umar
Karatun AlfurQan By Dr. sani Umar
Hisnul Muslim By Dr. Sani Umar
Weekly Tafseer By Sheikh Idrees AbdulAzeez Bauchi

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