October 5, 2012 at 11:18am
History reveals that bike taxi, also
known as Okada, has predated
1983 in Jos and its environs. Being
a simple and easy way of finding
bread and making living for many
Nigerian families, Okada provides
many families, doors especially
youth with naira and kobo. It goes
without saying that youths are the
backbone of any civilized society
and the fundamental upon which
the community is based and the
basic on which any nation willing to
develop and progress relied on by
capitalizing the energy, skills, and
potential abilities of its youths.
The youths, as the future of any
country, ride Okada by profession
in Jos, Bukur and their
surroundings. They depend on this
business to help them cover their
school fees, especially less
privilege students. It does not only
provide them with money on their
education, but also with food,
clothing not only the students but
the great majority of society as
well. Despite being the main
source of money, social security
and sustainable livelihood for many
families across the state, Okada
has been officially banned by the
Hearken the news of Okada ban
enforcement in Jos and Bukuru
puts numberless of people in
dilemma and hanky-panky, spear
part dealers, mechanics, engine oil
sellers, vulcanizers and lots more
people lost their jobs. The deed is
already done since it has been into
law, so what are the ways out?
Alternative ways forward:
In my point of view, Okada riders
and all the people affected by the
ban should take heart and engage
in either of the following
1. Shoe making
2. Tailoring
3. Carpentry
4. Phone call
5. Welding
Shoe making:
Naraguta, a nearby village to Jos is
very popular for shoe making not
only in Jos but also in Nigeria,
creation leather works behind
Bauchi Road Bridge, and Majema
leather works, youths should make
use of this opportunity and partake
in this kinds of business in
replacement of their lost jobs.
Tailoring and fashion designing are
also ways of replacing lost jobs,
Dinkin Mata, Dinkin Maza, Chunko
and Phoenix designing, thousands
of people sustain their lives on
such kind of jobs, I think it will be of
great help for you during this
critical moment, just give it a try.
Carpentry is a general name for
wood molding and designing
profession it comprises furniture,
house roofing and so forth. Taking
advantage of such a work will
make for your lost jobs and
consequently you will forget about
the pains of losing your preferred
trade, Okada. If I were you I’d
make use of it now, because
another “now” may not come
Phone call:
Since the inception of cell phone in
Nigeria during Obasanjo’s
administration, phone call serves
as a business for many people
across the nation and you can be
one among them, selling recharge
card, and battery charge.
Yan gwangwan is a well-known
place in Jos that is committed to
welding, door-making, pottery, and
iron-bending. The place is very
large that can consume a lot
The entire mentioned alternative
cannot be possible except the
youths are fully committed to it with
ingenuity and sincerity of purpose.
Adapting to a sudden change
would at first be difficult, but with
the passage of time it will come to
Consequently as Plateau State
government promised to provide
number of tricycles, buses and
cabs in place of Okadas on the
move, individual partnership is also
needed to ease the burden from
the masses. Lastly business
tycoons, politicians and the elites in
the society should also render
service by organizing workshops
and seminars in order to enlighten
the youths on how to be self-
Anas Yunus Muhammad
Al-Azhar University, Cairo-Egypt
Jun 17-2012

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