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Madigo wata babbar asara ce,
muguwar al’ada, da rashin
mutunci, da yake yaduwa tsakanin
mata, yam’mata, matan aure, da
zawarawa, madigo, ya fara tun
zamani mai tsawo,
Karanta wannan bincike a hankali
domin fahimtar yadda abin ya
samo asali, Allah ya shiya.
Lesbianism definition comes from
the historical and damaging
For the first part of the linguistic
meaning of Shak:
Crushed thing, crushed crushed, if
Dqgueth, and Isaac man Ashaka If
after, and said the people, but this
did exceed Oshakh God Ashaka,
such as saying: banished him God
proportions Oshakt camel Ashaka
if increased their milk, even if
forced poet said place
overwhelming Jazz, and place
immemorial afar, He told However,
even if despaired, and Isaac tendril
not moistening them with
breastfeeding and Aftamha.
Abu Bakr said: 4 – what despaired
cow of her son Isaac udders, which
went where milk and the udder
Alhalq that almost says what
saddens me is filled with grazing
left until Isaac udder which was
** Meant here is absolute knead
Valshak and lesbianism language
and idiomatically: women doing
each other and also Almajabub
women called Shaka.
Part II historical side to the issue of
As that marriage protects men from
engaging in adultery and
homosexuality – often – so too it
also protects women from
immorality and homosexuality and
lesbianism – voucher sodomy in
men – two of the greatest crimes,
and both crimes may Aptdata at
one time, one place, and the
people of one village they
sodomites, who Avdhana talk
about them from a nearby also
called sodomy in the terminology of
the day: “homosexuality” called
coupon crushing “the other sex” or
“third sex”.
Known when historians that
“homosexuality” from
homosexuality and crushing
invented both sexes at the same
time, it is said that the reason the
temptation sodomites
homosexuality, they were the best
of God’s creation in faith and
righteousness, Aftma devil in
Gwighthm and misled did not
succeed and did not find only to
spoil them their business, and
tampering in their factories and
farms when increased them made
monitor this spoiler, represents
them Satan in the form of Ghulam
Melih, he is the one who spoil their
business Ivaqgua to kill him, and
Batoh when a man whom, for the
consideration of any murderers kill
him out, and started Etwagd, and
Tigenj for the one who is in home
and reveals his all advantages and
tempt him, because that affects him
even money to him and hit him, Vlz
ćŘÇČ him, and signed him again
and again when informed Pettmkn
love sodomy of his heart he fled
and what became not seen, has
gone mad in his application and
what asked him where people, to
be executed , taking apologize for
that did not do than attributed to
him something and then describe
them what had with him and that is
unparalleled in the pleasures at all,
and that his work is not stand for
the left, Ivaqgua all the exercise
and retired women, and turned on
the boys overstate the Othmanam
and competing in Aqtnaúhm and
pay higher wages to them, and
when he saw the devil that he may
judge ordered the men are women
are going Maliha Belle Haifa, for a
Kpraúhm and her husband had
Aatzlha, and took the boys out and
broke promises rejuvenated and
flower life, Making women despair
at the likes of abandoned their
husbands, and made Every woman
show ﺣﺴﺮﺗﻬﺎ, complaining of lack of
patience and endure what she died
of her right to life, she said to the
Could do without them as ﺍﺳﺘﻐﻨﻮﺍ us
then by decent one woman that
works as works man Balghulam,
and began Tsahak woman of them
Fasttabn and find housing of a rut
and Ghalma Vandfan him and
Atfguen continue and
The author of the book Gender
That the first people knew
lesbianism: is the poet beautiful
Greek (Savo) – and the meaning of
Savo – Pure Sound, and was
inhabited island of CEOS in the
Aegean Sea in Greece and was
beauty brilliant and intelligent
technician / and hair talented lived
between the years 560 630 BC.
Born in Erpsos, a small village on
the island, and died father in the
ninth-old and her mother are still
pretty attractive and fifteen-year-
old, married man and bore him a
child, and failed in love with her
husband was injured impotence,
why is estimated that full instinct,
no estimates other is to repress
and conquer instinct Vnfrt of men
and turned toward girls sex of
virgins Hassan who ﻳﺮﺩﺩﻥ her hair
and sing and Aazven sweetest
melodies and engage with love
result with them went lesbianism
even ﻋﺸﻘﺘﻪ and familiarity with them
and sacked all about men.
In another life involved in the
problems of the island to Bsous –
political – and was forced to flee to
Sicily and died there and burned
and the transfer of the ashes to her
– as the name immortalized draw
the image on the real-time and
The left group poems in nine
volumes comprising (120) A House
of Hair and concentrated her hair
to praise lesbianism, and
described and the longing to him,
and how it was practiced with
Ashiktha favorite (Otis) and so
called lesbianism (Savoah) relative
to (Savo) and this was hair spam to
spread lesbianism from Sicily to
France, and to Greece, was not
lesbianism restricted in initiating it
and spread on Greece, but also the
countries of Europe and Rome,
was in Rome for women baths had
been prepared for the exercise of
lesbianism among girls and young
women in all its forms and
manifestations, and called on
celebrities in lesbianism like
Ograybta and (YASA) and (Trgina).
0 In France: a secret society called
the girls Savo practiced lesbianism
in the Temple (Fsn) are scattered
throughout France, and includes a
lot of Hassan women among its
members, and every woman would
like enrollment Society for the
exercise of lesbianism, did not
accept until after testing, that
undresses in front of its members
to scrutinize the merit and
suitability and raised lust.
0 then stated that in Eastern cities
such as China and India, a lot of
girls (Savo) and mentioned types
lesbianism, and forms which may
not be mentioned, it is not
permissible to move, do not see a
Part III spread of lesbianism among
the Arabs:
Male Abu al-Qasim Hussain bin
Mohammed Ragheb Alosbhana in
lectures to the first cents crushing
the Arabs: Women sodomites what
popularized their men having
intercourse with males and
abandonment of women, When
heated Shahuthen they took
Atdharbn Balerdav Fujdn thrill, the
then Olsqn spanking Bacharah
was more thrill, then Dlkn
commentators other, Vtsdm
nucleus nucleus / and
imperfections Bahinat, Vtenslan
water and what your family God
sodomites men and women lost
sodomy and crushing, even came
Riqash girl Hassan ﺍﻟﻴﻤﺎﻧﻴﺔ time to
visit India girl Amer bin Sasah wife
Nu’man ibn Mundhir King
confusion / imported by Vonazeltha
then and once Hassan and
freshness Vchgvt out and was
Numan invades Vigb from his wife,
so that she is and Riqash on the
bed, perhaps stuck Gesdihama,
Fujdta thrill to the length of
celibacy until Astdlta on the road to
lesbianism, still Riqash, decorate
for India and said that at our secure
than the scandal, and the
realization of desire, Vajtmata
continued them until they became
husband and wife reached a
passion each one to others that
what Hassan’s daughter died a
woman observes i’tikaaf Numan on
her grave and took the monastery
known Bedier India in the way of
Thread the original here: Forums
t6683.html # post119698
Damage lesbianism
Lesbianism course is touching and
meet direct genital to two of the
females, and is well known that
there is a lot of sexually transmitted
diseases such as herpes,
gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV as well
as skin diseases many such ulcers,
parasites and other transmitted
through contact or meet with the
genitals of two females with each
other. .
What Rikm this phenomenon
pervading when girls that may
prevent them from marrying or
frigidity at marriage
Moved interest.
Personality reveals makeup
Smokey makeup pictures
To Sister love and all supervisors
and observers
& Pause that should be every
young man and a girl about to get
married &
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