YOUR REACTIONS(Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi)

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It is quite remarkable and
astonishing at the same time how a
simple analysis of the religious
scriptures has stirred so much
passion and anxiety especially
among our Christian fellows. The
aim was to give us all, Muslims and
Christians, an insight to the true
salvation which can only be
achieved through contemplation
and reflection of the Divine, which
the Easter season is meant for.
On the contrary, we got such an
unnecessary ferocious responses.
Some funny, some outright
unchristian, outrageous and
mischievous. In some, Allah, Islam,
Prophet Muhammad, Muslims and
my poor self were not spared in the
most maligned forms. For me, I am
lunatic, foolish, ignorant, Mumu,
pitiful, some even advocating that I
should be crucified to prove or
disprove the ‘death’ of Christ on
the cross. Yet there are many
meaningful dialogues which should
be appreciated, only that they tend
to lose focus on the subject matter.
The issue ‘Did Jesus actually died
on the Cross?’ is essentially a
Christian inquisition. What brought
the Quranic equation into it, is the
result of contemporary biblical
criticism and scrutiny, which led to
the review of the perceived
Quranic imposition on the matter
which is a total denial of Jesus
ever climbing the cross in it’s
totality. As Muslims also have to
cope with this construal, the import
has no any theological significance
or divergence from the conformist
conviction. It was only capitalized
by a heretic sect of Ahmadiyyah to
poster their false prophet as the
second coming.
But for the Christian faith, which
hinges on resurrection, the
consequence is weighty. Such is
always the circumstance, on
convictions constructed on
premises or possibilities or
skepticism which may merely just
arise from the prudent use of
metaphors. “All these things spake
Jesus unto the multitude in
parables; and without a parable
spake he not unto them” M’t:13:34.
If Jesus – peace be upon- may
refer himself as the son of God, it
was a mere expression of a ‘man
of God’, a pious man, a prophet.
‘But as many as received him, to
them gave he power to become the
sons of God, even to them that
believe on his name’ Joh:1:12. For
such a claim he was tried first by
the Sanhedrin, a Jewish judicial
body. When the case was referred
to the Roman rulers Herod and
Pilate, the charge was his claim to
be the ‘King of the Jews’ to which
he was acquitted for his claim is
metaphorical. What then makes the
‘son of God’s claim also not a
parable? Obviously for sentimental
reasons. ‘For as many as are led
by the Spirit of God, they are the
sons of God.’ Ro:8:14.
Some questioned: how can the
Quran which came 600 yrs. later
be factual if the bible is not. A
Christian is not supposed to ask
such a question. Since its Christian
to believe there are prophets,
genuine and false ones, the natural
obligation then is only to ascertain
whether Muhammad –SAW- is a
genuine one or not. After Jesus’s
arrest, all his disciples went into
hiding further leaving what was
written about the trial and
crucifixion subject to second grade
witnessing. Therefore only a
revelation can sort the grain from
the chaff.
And all know that some knowledge
transcends through the revelations.
‘And Jesus answered and said
unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon
Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath
not revealed it unto thee, but my
Father which is in heaven.’
M’t:16:17. Jesus also told them,
that through revelations they will
later get the details and the
purpose of this short ministry. ‘ …
he shall teach you all things, and
bring all things to your
remembrance, whatsoever I have
said unto you.’ This leaves the
Quran as the only source of
guidance that can unravel the
puzzle. Which it has beautifully
Some say, what concern should a
Muslim have over what others
believe. Jesus – alaihis Salam-
was on a mission abruptly
terminated for a stronger outfit that
cannot be effaced or overpowered
to continue. His mission is still on,
to teach people the way to true
salvation by worshipping one God
alone. So that people ‘we dey
laugh’ today will ‘still dey laugh oh’
May Allah bless us all and guide us
to the straight path.


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  1. Thanks much sir for this great work. It is high time every islamic scholar has deep knowledge in not only islam but also semiticology or comparative religion for it exposes the truth of islam more especially when it comes to QURAN, BIBLE and modern SCIENCE. That is why I have been watching ZAKIR NAIK programmes, searching and posting on my faceabook. Thanks.

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